The Benefits of Steel Framing Over Wood Framing

As you start your construction project, should you go with wood or steel framing? The answer? It depends. But, in most cases, steel framing is the better option.

That said, steel framing costs more than wood. Perhaps the biggest benefit of steel framing is fire-resistant capabilities. In a fire, steel framing retains its strength, while wood framing just falls apart. 

What other benefits might you see with steel versus with wood? We’ll tell you all about it below as we break down the pros and cons of both. Keep reading!

Steel Is Stronger Than Wood

Steel is stronger than wood, so it can better resist high winds and earthquakes. Steel is also non-combustible, so it provides better fire protection.

Steel framing is also termite-resistant, so it requires less maintenance than wood framing. Overall, steel framing is a more durable and longer lasting option than wood framing.

Steel Is More Fire Resistant Than Wood

Steel is much more fire resistant than wood, meaning it can withstand higher temperatures and flames for longer periods of time. This is due to steel’s high melting point and low combustibility.

In fact, steel is often used in construction and manufacturing in order to create fire-resistant structures and products. So, if you’re looking for a material that can stand up to the heat, steel is definitely the way to go.

Steel Is Termite Resistant

While wood is commonly used in construction, steel is a more termite-resistant material. Steel is less attractive to termites because it does not provide the same food source that wood does.

Termites are also not able to burrow into steel as easily as they can wood. This makes steel a more durable and long-lasting material for construction.

Steel Framing Is More Accurate

When it comes to construction, accuracy is key. That’s why steel framing is the material of choice for many builders. With steel framing, you can be confident that your walls will be straight, your windows will be level, and your foundation will be secure.

Steel framing is also more fire resistant than wood framing, and it doesn’t rot or attract termites. If you’re looking for a material that can help you build a better home, steel framing is the way to go.

Steel Framing Is Faster and Easier to Install

Steel framing is an efficient and user-friendly building method. It is ideal for both commercial and residential construction projects. Compared to wood framing, steel framing is faster and easier to install.

It is also more durable and provides a higher level of fire resistance. You can also learn more on this link about what material you should use for your building.

Learn More About Steel Framing Today

If you’re looking for a more efficient and eco-friendly way to frame your home or office, steel framing may be the answer. Steel is strong and durable, yet lighter than traditional lumber, making it easier and faster to work with.

It’s also non-combustible, so it provides an extra layer of protection in the event of a fire. So, why wait? Consider steel framing today!

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