The 5 Best Camping Tips for Beginners

Camping is an excellent way to vacation.  You get out in nature. You are more active. You breath fresh air. You bond with friends and family. You reduce stress and improve your mental health. However, if you’ve never camped before, the prospect of embarking on this new adventure can seem daunting. Don’t sweat it. Here are five, universal pieces of advice to help out novice campers.

Prepare for Elements. While much of the appeal of camping is because of your connection to nature, it can also be the source of its problems. Nature is not always going to cooperate with your plans. Always check the forecast before you go but keep in mind that the forecast can change, and you should be prepared for all scenarios. Be sure to bring tarps for protect from rain, card games to entertain yourself in your shelter, and food that doesn’t need to be cooked to eat. If there are high speed winds you should make sure all of your things are secured so they will not blow away. Make sure to pack appropriate clothing too, have layers for the cold that you can take off if it gets warmer.

Practise Fire Safety. Whether you plan on cooking on a campfire or simply enjoying company around one, it is important to practise proper fire safety. Do not start a fire unless you are sure you know how to control it and are prepared to extinguish it when you are finished. Always check if there is a fire ban on in case you are camping during a dry season. Make sure you have enough firewood to maintain it for your entire stay. When the proper precautions are taken, campfires can be lots of fun. 

Meal Preparation. Camping is not the environment to have fancy steak dinners but that doesn’t mean you have to eat granola bars the whole time either. There are lots of tasty and easy to make foods to bring camping. Pemeal bacon, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, and potatoes all taste great when roasted on a fire. Bring a cooler, pots, pans, and aluminum foil necessary for preparing these. Having a cook stove provides even more options. Remember to pack foods that don’t require cooking for those rainy or lazy days.

Pack Efficiently. With all of these things to keep in mind while packing it’s easy to run out of room. Only bring the essentials and with what you do bring, maximize your space. Something to consider if you find yourself running out of space is a camper trailer. These help you store and transport your camping goods safely. Do your research beforehand to ensure that you are buying the best camper trailer available.

Safe and happy camping!