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Some Unknowns Facts about Successful Dental Implants

The dental implants are seen by many as a definitive modern solution for the missing teeth. The affordable dental implants have provided a better option to replace the missing teeth and most people can have them placed as soon after the tooth loss or extraction. However, dentists in India have found that the general public do not know a lot about the dental implants. They have recently decided to educate their patients and the general public about the dental implants with a post.

A lot of people have some valid questions about the dental implants. The dentist in India want to get the information out there to help the patients with an idea of what to expect if they are think about getting dental implant as a solution to a missing tooth or a full set of missing teeth. The dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth in most patients.

The implants are titanium rods or posts which are placed into the jawbone to anchor the artificial teeth. This procedure can be done under a local anesthesia and never requires any preparations or changes to be made to the neighboring teeth as in the dental bridge. The modern implant dentures can help patients to smile with confidence instead of worrying about the problems related to traditional dentures.

Dental Implants are usually successful

Though the numbers fluctuate, the generally accepted success rate for the dental implants is about 95%. The rates will vary due to the health of the patient or some systemic disorders which can contraindicate the dental implants. The part of the failure rate is low and can be attributed to the failure to properly screen the patient for health problems. Other main factor is the expertise of the doctor to perform the surgery but virtually, the dentist in India who performs the dental implants is qualified to do so. In very rare cases the dental implant fail’s it is when the dentists are unable to place them due to lack of adequate healthy jawbone in which place it. Usually, the dental implants are successful after the procedures to improve the bone stability are done.

How do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is implanted into the jawbone for replacing the root of a lost tooth. If the patient is healthy enough, then the jawbone grows new cells around the implant and fuses it with bone. This will make a root which is every bit as good as an original root. A crown will be then placed on the top of the root. The crown is made an exact duplicate of the tooth in dimension and appearance.

The dental implants are one of the closest things for replacing a tooth which is available today. The implant is fused into the bone exactly as the root would be and implants feel same as the natural tooth. No special considerations need to be made for cleaning the tooth or for eating and it looks exactly as the natural tooth.

Due to missing teeth, void is created where the root was which causes the jawbone to eventually lose density and mass. This will cause it to shrink and create a void in the row of teeth. If this is not fixed, it will cause the rest of the teeth to shift position until they are crooked. As the dental implant is similar to a natural tooth, it will solve both these problems.


A dental implant is exactly as having an original tooth but even better since it isn’t affected by tooth decay. India provides the best dental implants, emergency dentistry and a host of other dental services from the best dentists in India.


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