Some Hidden But Mind Blowing Facts About Android Phones

You often think there is nothing left to know about Android phones, but so many unknown facts are still unearthed. Smartphones have revolutionized everything in our lives like uses of a wrist watch, paper work, etc. are replaced with the set of machines. Mobile phones are powerful and multi-tasking devices, let’s talk about the hidden facts of Android Phones:

 Android Phones

Android is a Robot or a man

Android is a Robot man because according to many dictionary’s definitions it is a robot with the human appearance the prefix ‘Andr’ means man and majority of robots are defined as Android look male.

Smart Phones are made up with 250,000 of patents. It reflects amazing growth and predictability of technology.

Voice search with the screen off

Everyone doesn’t know about this feature that some smartphones enables you voice search with ‘OK GOOGLE’ even the display is off. Whereas many phones let you search from any screen when a display is on.

Access notification setting quickly

When too many notifications appear on display, it becomes irritating after some time, tap and hold on a notification in the drop down notification bar and go to the notification setting icon. You can turn it off permanently or adjust it.

High contrast text

People with weak vision often face difficulty in reading light gray text as it merges with the background. There’s a solution to this problem, and you can turn on high contrast text from settings > accessibility. This way the sharp and readable text will appear on the screen.

Find the silent phone

Did you switch off the ring mode and misplace the phone in enough hurry? And you won’t be able to find your phone; even calling your number will not work. You can just access and login with the same Google ID as your phone’s  to find your phone’s location.

Reject SMS

Go to setting menu and then select phone or go to dialer and access phone settings. You will find an option of reject with SMS option.

Stop automatic shortcuts

Every time you access the play store, you will find a shortcut for each app installed on display. If you want to disable this option, go to play store’s setting and simply uncheck the box to disable automatic short cut option.

These are few hidden features of Android that are very useful.

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