Social Media Tools That You Must Use

In today’s world, social media marketing for business has become crucial to stay relevant and updated with the current market trends. It is the unfiltered platform that directly connects you with your target audience thereby giving you valuable insights into their interests, behavior, and lifestyle. In other words, social media allows you the competitive edge to stand out in the clutter. From creating a custom logo design to advocating a favorable brand image on social media channels, prominent companies are tapping into different mediums to maintain their business presence with the users.

The role of a social media marketer is no longer restricted to simply posting and managing of social media platforms. It is now a diversified role that requires an equal understanding of content, design and its application with emerging tools and technologies. There are various tools that marketing enthusiasts can utilize to effectively promote their product, service or business idea on social media. We have shortlisted top 4 such tools that can help to optimise your social media campaigns.

  1. Buffer

Social media marketing is a 24/7 job, and with 2.56 billion active global users, businesses must stay alert around the clock to maintain customer engagement. Unfortunately, no matter how much you love your work, you cannot stay online all the time, and this is where Buffer comes into action. A simple and a powerful social media application that allows you to schedule your posts according to the time zone of your target audience.

Since there are certain optimal times when posting on social media receives maximum engagement, Buffer makes the task easy by giving users the access to schedule posts during those hours. Moreover, the application comes with an analytical feature that gives businesses the data to understand and monitor their respective audience’s social media activity.

  1. Canva

A picture is worth a thousand words.” The phrase unquestionably holds true in the world of social media. A user is easily attracted by aesthetically pleasant visuals and tends to be more attentive when the message being delivered is presented using attractive and vibrant colors, pictures or illustrations. With Canva, the task has been made simple with a wide range of templates that can be customized according to your specific text, images, and font. The tool is quick, easy to use and requires no professional graphical skills to be operated.

  1. Content Gems

A big aspect of social media marketing is content marketing. A creative and well-written content can go a long way in communicating your message sometimes even better than through paid advertisements. Content Gems is one such tool that organizes a large amount of content on the web and presents it in the most meaningful manner. Content gems help you find numerous blogs, articles and even infographics to enhance your online presence. Small businesses, in particular, can make use of the application to post relevant and updated content related to their industry every day by simply doing a customized search based on the kind of keywords they want in the blog or article.

  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire as the application calls itself is ‘a super-smart marketing sidekick’ that helps you to keep track of your social media pages performance on a daily basis. The tool will monitor your social media activity and then analyze it to make appropriate suggestions. It will even evaluate your competitor’s latest campaigns and observe your target audience and accordingly recommend changes or improvements to your social media pages. Whether it is unfollowing an account or sending a customized automated message to your new followers, Crowdfire is the marketing tool to use for increasing your brand reach.

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