SMS Services Can be A Boost Factor for Auto Repair Business

SMS Services

There are a number of auto repair services to choose from. In such instances, you need to have something that can help you stand out from the competition, it is important to give better customer service and include better communication methods with your customers. Text marketing is a great tool for auto repair service centers to communicate with customers in a manner that also enhances the customer’s overall impression of the service. If you are looking for techniques to include SMS into your auto repair business, here are a few tips to get started.

Reminders of appointments

A number of customers make an appointment to get their vehicles serviced, including non-emergency services like wheel alignment, oil changes or overall servicing. As they get busy in their routine, they usually forget about their appointments, especially if they made it days or weeks in advance. You can avoid this by providing appointment reminders through bulk SMS services. This service is helpful for your clients and can decrease your number of no-shows.

Discounts and offers

Discounts and offers are a mainstay for SMS campaigns. You can give exclusive discount on a service for clients who subscribe for your mobile program. After a client has client subscribed, you can send more offers from time to time, like discounted wheel alignment with complete servicing. You can also create groups in your subscriber list in order to send custom discount offers to your subscribers. Like, keep record of when customer needs an oil change service and send them a great offer.

Auto care tips

It is essential to provide your customers with something valuable through text messages in order to retain them. Although many customers appreciate discounts and offers you send them, they are most effective if people need some type of service or repair. To maintain client loyalty between visits, you can try sending tips about auto care. People will find these tips to increase the life of their car helpful, and this will assist them to continue to see your service company more positively. So, when they will need auto servicing, you will be the first to come to their mind.

Send repair updates

Another helpful way to use SMS marketing is to send your customers updates about their repairs, especially when it is for their vehicle to undergo comprehensive service and repair that takes a few days’ time. Giving these updates ensures them their automobile is not just parked in your garage, forgotten. This also decreases the number of customers that will be calling you for updates, allowing your executives to give more time to their work.

General client support

You can also use SMS marketing for general client support. Consider setting up a two-way communication so that your customers can send their queries about the repair or vehicle. Most of the people prefer to communicate with customer support executives via SMS, so by giving the service, you enhance customer satisfaction rate.

SMS marketing can serve several purpose for your auto repair service. You can send exclusive discounts via SMS and use SMS API to stay in touch and manage client support enquiries.

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