Simple & Adequate Practices to Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution is harmful for human health as well as it is consistently damaging our environment. Temperature of earth has been rising since 14000 years. Pollution generated by humans & industrial produces are most prominent reason for global warming. According to the records & researches, pollution is responsible for producing heat more than volcanoes that are steadily affecting ocean & global warming. Such issues are responsible for draught, famines, storms and other natural disasters.

We often think the air outside the home is more polluted due to motor vehicle, smog, and more. But the air inside our homes, offices and buildings are even more polluted. It may be polluted by the toxic home & kitchen cleaners, formaldehydes, fire, radon, fragrances, volatile chemicals and more. It’s essential to maintain cleaner air in your home, office and car for your health. Here are some simple and adequate practices to eliminate indoor air pollution:



Cooking, cleaning, using sprays, polishing nails etc. releases harmful toxins in the air and these chemical compounds are the main reasons behind many health problems. You should ventilate you home space, and use dust free mattresses and pillow covers. Open up the windows early in the morning for fresh and beneficial air because pollution rate is low during early morning.

Ban smoking

Don’t smoke in your home, office & car premise. Even do not allow others to smoke.

Keep the floors clean & fresh

Use vacuum cleaners to eliminate lead and dust concentration on the floors. It can also reduce dust mites, pet dander etc. you can also mop out to clean the floor. Place a big door mate in front of every door so everyone enters the place after cleaning dust & shoes.

House hold cleaners

Household cleaners combine harmful chemicals which can create allergens & irritation in mouth, nose, skin as well as lungs. Particles from candles, odors from harsh household, craft & office supplies like paint, glues etc., fumes from dry cleaned clothes, wood burning fire places and gas stoves releases harmful chemicals that are injurious for health.

Avoid using pests

Seal cracks and keep food away & safe so you will not have to use pesticides to clean the kitchen. This way you’ll not have to use pests to kill ants, cockroaches and other insects.

Install exhaust fans or hoods

Humid environment is the main reason behind growth of bacteria. So you should use exhaust fan in the bathroom & kitchen areas to keep it dry.

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