SEO Year in Review 2021: COVID Forces Platforms to Adapt Their Local and E-Commerce Offerings, And More

SEO Year in Review

2019 was an unpredictable year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was like a ride with thrilling twists and turns throughout. Later on, 2020 was not much changed from the previous year. During the pandemic, the tech industry does not get stopped like conventional businesses. Electronic businesses got a real boom because of lockdown and quarantine situations. People spent most of their time scrolling screens and buying online products. 

Have you heard about this ecommerce search engine optimization? If not, in this blog, we will provide a retrospective review of the year 2020 SEO impactful practices.

The Google Algorithm 2020 Updates 

The most extensively used search engines, Google and Bing, renewed a few of their significant SEO documentation. The update of the search engines includes a measure of peculiar parameters. And their evaluation will give rank websites accordingly. 

The updates give few additional instructions related to the website content as well. The result of google 2020 analytics showed unbelievable results. In the COVID pandemic, people used search engines for information sources for the coronavirus updates and news. And in return, Google received an extreme overhaul at the end of 2020 year. All these analytics showed that SEO practices changed a bit, but the response was overwhelming.

Reports and Reviews

The biggest event of SEO in 2020 was Google Analytics 4 announcement. It is a new and extensive tool introduced by Google that incorporates Web and App property. The new and improved predictive insights and expanded Google Ads integration, more granular data controls, and cross-device analysis abilities. From 2020 and onwards, Google Analytics 4 will be the default tool for SEO evaluation. 

Webmaster Tools of Bing

Bing is also the most extensively used search engine to revamp its SEO tools after the COVID pandemic breakout. Microsoft new tools like Site Scan crawls the respective websites and analyze SEO technical issues. 

The backlinks tool is a powerful tool as it empowers users to compare their website backlinks with other websites. The company also enhanced and resurrected the robots.txt tester feature, which Bing abandoned about a decade ago. 

In this way, both search engines spruced their old SEO practices and SEO tools in 2020.

Electronic Marketing and E-Commerce

Like every digital business transform during the COVID pandemic, the SEO practices were jazz up in 2020 for digital stores and e-commerce. 

Google declared the Smartphones Popular Products segment for shoes, apparel, and alike searches, implying the first in a range of e-commerce policy changes for the electronic businesses and companies. The Popular Product segment is organic and powered via product feeds and product schema proffered through GMC (Google Merchant Center).

On smartphones, Google increased the activity card functionality for the job, shopping, and recipe-related researches. The shopping card activity now displays products that a user has been searching, hence this SEO update efficiently ushering users to their respective and related products. 

The most effective pivot that Google improved in 2020 SEO policy is starting up its Shopping related research results to non-paid organic listings. This service was available for only paid SEO campaigns previously. But the space for paid listings is still possible. And such listings are visible at the bottom and top of Google Shopping research results pages.

The retailers who want their products to be visible organically have a requirement to upload their goods pictures within GMC. 

Their product listings will then show up in knowledge panels of the main search results page, as such openings have also advanced from sponsored to organic.


In 2020 Google Maps became 15 years, and Google celebrated with a renewed version of the smartphone app. The 2020 redundancy increased the rear tabs to five, includes Explore, Saved, Commute, Contribute, and Updates. The Live View AR (augmented reality) walking routes as well.

Just for Fun and More

It is a fact that the digital industry has a powerful influence on e-commerce businesses and affects SEO results. 

In the second month of 2020, Warner Bros. changed its newly released movie Birds of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn to a short name Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. So, that viewers could find the online e-tickets and remember the name easily. Similar happened to many other entertainment products as well. 

So, in this way, from a small online product to entertainment, every niche of digital and online business jazz up their SEO practices in 2020.

Final Thoughts for The Year Ahead 2021

As we discussed above, almost every search engine has changed and updated its SEO practices and policies. For 2021, it is better to design and plan your e-commerce or any other digital business as per updated SEO policies. So, you can get more reach, engagement, and sales conversion, which is the ultimate goal of any e-commerce or online business.

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