Salient Features That Secure development platform Salesforce Dx Offers to Developers

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Those, who are in the field of online or cloud-based application development, do not need any introduction to Salesforce which is a seamless application development platform. This secure development platform had some drawbacks. Introducing Salesforce Dx can resolve those drawbacks. Nevertheless, there were some significant complications with this platform. Thanks to the introduction Salesforce Dx, these complications have been omitted these days. An application development process involves a lot of essential things like version controlling, continuous integration, branching, merging, testing and many more.

Salesforce Dx is the standardized solution for the all the drawbacks with the Salesforce platform. Now, Salesforce developers can build applications with more precision or conviction without facing any issues. In this article, we shall note a few unique features and salient benefits of the Salesforce tool which is known as Salesforce Dx.

Scratch Orgs

Among various notable features, scratch orgs are the most highlighted features of Salesforce Dx. Why is this feature considered as the highlighted feature? Well, you need to understand the setup with Salesforce platform first. The developers had to enter their orgs. The drawback is that such self-created orgs become inconsistent with the advent of time. In fact, within a quick time span, they shall become inconsistent. Hence, such development practice is not the best or standard development practice for software or applications.

It was a prominent drawback of Salesforce development, and thus this platform was not popular among the contemporary developers. The scenario started changing at a rapid pace with the introduction of Salesforce Dx. With this tool, now developers can create orgs from scratch. As a result, the development process has become more simplified in Salesforce. You can bunch up your features and then spin the orgs from scratch. The standardized development process can now be followed merely by the Salesforce developers. To learn more, you can choose to visit

The New Command Line Interface

The new command line interface has added further convenience in the application development process. If you are using Heroku CLI, you will find it quite convenient to conduct development process with this tool. The interface also brings in a lot of automated features, like auto build scripts, continuous integration, etc. With all these functional aspects, Salesforce Dx has made it easier for the developers. Now, it has turned quite robust to use this tool seamlessly and create unique ranges of applications with ease.

Easy and Effective Team Development

For developing complex applications for business tasking, we often see that instead of individual developers a complete team comes into the action. There are specific benefits of teamwork. First of all, it releases stress from one person. Secondly, it brings more accuracy. However, the most important thing is that specialized people work in their core areas. For example, scripting can be a person’s core area or testing application can be the core area. With Salesforce Dx, team development is possible. A complete team can work on the application development projects seamlessly.

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