Roaming Routes- Providing Best Combo Packages from India

Roaming Routes is the best travel agency who provide the best travel packages from India. The agency is known for its classy services and thousands of customers are impressed by their excellent services. Roaming provides the best combo packages of many countries of the world. Roaming Roots has become a number one agency providing India’s best combo packages.

Here We Have Some Best Combo Packages From India Provided by Roaming Routes:-

#1 Singapore Bali Packages- Singapore and Bali are mostly known for their diversified culture, ancient heritage sites, and their excellent city lives. Roaming Routes is offering this package at an affordable price with their excellent services. Roaming Routes is Providing 3 different of this package which is as follows-

  1. Singapore and Bali Tour Package for Holidays- Rs 85,000
  2. Luxurious Bali Singapore Honeymoon Package with Cruise- Rs 90,000
  3. Singapore and Bali Cruise Package- Rs 1,25,000

#2 Dubai Mauritius Packages- Dubai is mostly known for its stunning lifestyle and Dubai Mauritius is a great example of pure natural beauty. Roaming Routes is offering this excellent combo package at a few prices. They are offering this package in three variants-

  1. Dubai with Mauritius Tour Package – Rs 99,000
  2. Dubai Mauritius Honeymoon Package- 110,000
  3. Dubai Mauritius Honeymoon Special Package- 110,000

#3 Hong Kong Macau Packages- Hong Kong and Macau are two great wonders in the world. Both countries are known for their unique lifestyles. Both countries have many romantic destinations so if you are newly wedded couples then this package is really very good for you. Roaming Routes is providing three different variants in best prices.

  1. Hong Kong Macau Honeymoon Package- Rs 55,000
  2. Hong Kong Macau with Disneyland- Rs 65,000
  3. Hong Kong and Macau Package with Venetian- Rs 75,000

#4 Bangkok Pattaya Packages- Both countries are rich in culture & traditions. Bangkok and Pattaya are known for their breathtaking shows, wonderful beaches, and vibrant nightlife. Both countries are best for honeymooners so if are one of them then this is your chance to go now. Roaming Routes is offering this package at an affordable price with their best services.

  1. 5 Days 4 Night Bangkok Tour Package- Rs 25,000
  2. Superb Bangkok and Pattaya Tour Package- Rs 30,000
  3. Splendid Bangkok with Pattaya Tour Package- Rs 35,000

#5 Greece and Turkey Packages- Greece and Turkey are two amazing wonders of the world who has many interesting things and activities to do. Roaming Routes is providing this package in three variants-

  1. Greece Turkey Glimpse Package-  Rs 1,24,999
  2. Greece Turkey Delight Package- Rs 1,49,999
  3. Greece Turkey Wonders package- Rs 1,75,999

#6 Singapore Cruise Package- If you are looking for a peaceful place to travel then Singapore with cruise package is best for you. The best part of a cruise package is you can see the infinite blue water under the blue sky from a giant luxury ship. Roaming Routes is offering this package with all travel types so you can go with your friends, family, and group.

  1. Singapore with Cruise Combo Package- Rs 65,000
  2. Singapore with Dream Cruise Gateway Package- Rs 75,000
  3. Singapore with Dream Cruise Holiday Package- Rs 1,20,000

#7 Seychelles Dubai Packages- If you are a nature lover and want peaceful beaches and natural beauties on your holidays then Seychelles with Dubai can be a perfect place for your holidays. Roaming Routes is providing this combo package in all types of travel styles. Roaming Routes has 3 variants of this package-

  1. Appealing Dubai & Seychelles- Rs 99,000
  2. Splendors of Seychelles and Dubai- Rs 1,25,000
  3. Winders of Dubai & Seychelles- 1,75,000

#8 London Scotland Packages- If you are an adventure lover and want some adventure and excitement in your life by climbing high mountains in wild areas then Roaming Routes brought such package for you to fulfill your dreams. Roaming Routes is offering London Scotland tour Package at affordable prices so that you can enjoy the adventure of these two beautiful countries.

  1. Magnificent London and Scotland- Rs 75,000
  2. Mesmerizing London and Scotland- Rs 99,000
  3. Wonderful London and Scotland- Rs 1,25,000

#9 Italy Spain Tour packages- Italy and Spain are the two most lovable destinations of Europe. Both are famous for their historical sights, inspiring churches, giant museums, and amazing sightseeing. Roaming Routes is offering this package in 3 different variants which are as follows-

  1. Astonishing Italy and Spain- Rs 65,000
  2. Fascinating Italy and Spain- Rs 75,000
  3. Joyful Italy and Spain- Rs 85,000

#10 Sri Lanka Maldives Packages- Srilanka and Maldives are mostly known for their marine life and beautiful sandy beaches. Thousands of visitors across the word came here every year to explore these two beauties. If you also want to visit these beauties then Raming Routes if providing this package with their excellent services. They are providing 3 different variants of this package-

  1. Sri Lanka and Maldives Honeymoon Special- Rs 75,000
  2. Best of Sri Lanka and Maldives- Rs 85,000
  3. Taj Special Sri Lanka and Maldives- Rs 1,49,000

#11 Switzerland Paris Packages- Roaming Routes is providing this combo package for Nature lovers and newly wedded couples. Both places are full of pure natural beauties and romantic honeymoon destinations. There are 3 variants available on Roaming Routes-

  1. Paris Zurich City Breaks- Rs 90,000
  2. Swiss Paris Honeymoon Special- Rs 99,000
  3. Gems of Switzerland and Paris- Rs 1,50,000

#12 Mauritius and Seychelles Packages- Roaming Routes is offering this combo package for beach lovers and who wants to explore aquatic games. Roaming Routes is offering this package in three different variants which are as follows-

  1. Best of Mauritius and Seychelles- Rs 99,000
  2. Mauritius with Praslin & Mahe Island- Rs 1,55,000
  3. Luxury Mauritius and Seychelles with 5 Star Resorts- Rs 2,00,000

So those were some best combo packages provided by Roaming Routes. If you have any queries regarding this article and then do comment in the comment section.