Rich Variety of Culinary Tour in India


India is largest democracy in the world and it has a rich culture in all over the world. Tourists from all over the world always become curious to visit in India. Food of India has a magnificent variety and taste which is unmatched as you can find the ethnicity of different civilization in our culture and food. We have wide ranges of tastes, flavour in our food which makes us different and unique from others. To get the experience of India Culinary Tours one needs to visit India definitely. Indian cuisines are basically filled with broad series of spices, nutritious elements such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses grains etc. let’s talk about Best Culinary Tour India in different part of the country

Culinary Tours of India – Delhi

Delhi as we know that National capital of India and it has a great variety of Luxury Culinary Tours to India which begins with mouth watering naans(raised Indian chapatti) at the Mughal Durbar Restaurant in Chandni Chowk. The famous Tandoori chicken is enjoyed by many food lovers here. In Chandni Chowk you can also enjoy variety of parathas (stuffed chapatti). You can get variety of street food in Connaught place. There are different places in Delhi where you can enjoy the India Culinary Tours and make your trip wonderful.


Culinary Tours of India – Jaipur

Rajasthan has rich culture of majestic palaces and royal families where you can also get the delicious series of cuisines that definitely increase your appetite. In Jaipur Rajasthan you will see that the meat is not spicy but it is prepared with pure ghee, yogurt and dry fruits etc. Gram flour is the main ingredient in their cuisines. There are famous Rajasthani dishes you can enjoy Dal-Bati-Churma. In you ever visit Jaipur you should also enjoy swadbhara nashta or delicious breakfast with crisp kachori and this would the great example of Best Culinary Tour India in order to enjoy the culinary science of Jaipur.

Culinary Tours of India – Kerala

Kerala is considered as the state with 100% literacy rate in India. It is the land of spice and you can enjoy magnificent India Culinary Tours here. Sāmbhar is famous and delicious vegetable gravy which is also enjoyed by north Indians. Here different community of people are living which includes Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jews which has left their mark in the cuisines. The famous Muslim kebab, Portuguese chilli and the European potatoes are few speciality of Kerala.

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