Residential Security Guard

Qualities of a Good Residential Security Guard

Residential Security Guard

Residential security is an extra cost. However, it is necessary, especially if you have valuables to protect. Nowadays, it is a noble idea to secure your home from possible felons and thieves. Thus, every property or homeowner should consider hiring professional security services such as residential security Huntsville Alabama-based, to keep his or her surroundings safe and protected.

Hiring residential security services can be difficult, especially if you do not know what to expect from the service providers.

What should you consider when hiring residential security services?

The following are things to look for in security service personnel

Verbal Communication: Oneof the primary responsibilities ofresidential security guards is to interact with residents to institute order & tranquillity. Thus, they should have effective communication skills to build stronger relationships and handle tricky situations. 

Body Language

Security guards can use body language to build trust among residents. Appropriate Body language such as powerful eye contact, perfect posture, and thoughtful movements can be sufficient to demonstrate authority. Hence, ideal for communicating feelings without uttering a word.

Physical & Mental Fitness

Residential security guards need to have mental and physical fitness for on foot patrols. Since security guards spend a significant amount of time walking as they patrol, unfit guards cannot carry out their jobs well. Physical & mental fitnessenables guards to respond efficiently to incidents without getting exhausted.

Observation Skills

Criminals usually commit crimes in disguise and silently. Hiring professional residential services such as Residential Security Huntsville Alabama, with security guards trained to notice the slightest hint of trouble is an ideal option. Experienced security guards can know the difference between a malicious attempt and a coincidence.

Critical Thinking

The ability to reason quickly is one of the crucial characteristics that security guards should possess. They should have control over their emotions. Being assertive & mindful and staying calm is a vital requirement while working under tremendous pressure- This allows them to consider the best course of action to minimize disruption and prevent adverse outcomes.

Written Communication

Residential guards have to give written reports to their clients regularly. To provide reports that are detailed yet clear and simple, they need proper writing skills.


Integrity is one of the most vital characteristics to look for in security guards. Reputable security guard companies conduct a proper background check before hiring guards. 

Conflict Resolution

Confronting an angry person is one of the complex tasks of a security guard. It requires de-escalation techniques to reduce threat levels, resulting in better conflict resolution. If an angry individual confronts a security guard, he should offer a solution by use of non-violent tactics such as:

  • Acknowledging the issue
  • Listening to the person
  • Demonstrating empathy
  • Coming up with areas of agreement

Ability to multitask

Residential guards should organize themselves well to deliver the required security services. The security guard’s responsibilities are not limited to observing and giving regular security reports but also checking visitor credentials, monitoring alarms & cameras, conducting security checks, and patrolling premises regularly. They thus, need to multitask.

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