Parkinson’s Disease & The Ways to Deal With it

Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a degenerative ailment affecting the central nerve system. An individual with Parkinson’s disease might develop muscular rigidity, tremors and changed speech patterns. The individual might also have hitches using language and lose higher cognitive functions. PD may cause an individual to move very sluggishly (bradykinesia) and might cause loss of balance. The ailment is progressive and lingering.

Might Lead to death

PD is not deadly, but finally severe muscular complications might cause pneumonia, choking and tumbles which might lead to death. Parkinson’s disease is triggered by dwindled activity of dopamine (DA)-secreting nerve cells sited in the substantia nigra (black substance) of the brain. DA is a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of muscular activity along with numerous neuropsychiatric functions including cognition and behavior.

PD is an idyllic contender for stem cell treatment. Well-known folks like actor Michael J. Fox, Evangelist Billy Graham and boxer Muhammad Ali are just some individuals who are known to have Parkinson’s disease. With the topical scientific developments, one of the most favorable treatments for this disease is the stem cell treatment. The precise cause or reasons of why an individual develops this condition is still unidentified.

Loss of Nerve Cells

Maximum scientists and researchers will tell you that the loss of nerve cells in the brain that are accountable for the manufacturing of dopamine is the link to this ailment. Heredities and other environmental elements like virus and toxic substance may be surplus factors that contribute to the weakening of dopamine production in the brain which then causes it to send the incorrect signals to the body.

Individuals suffering from Parkinson’s disease have glitches with the motor movement and experience shakes in the hands, feet and face; problems in balancing the body, swallowing of food and bowel movement are also symptoms of this illness. Ultimately, the patient will face memory and concentration problems, unhappiness and unbalanced mood swings. However, all is not lost for patients spotted with Parkinson’s disease.


Currently, there are several effective treatments for this disorder; one of which is the stem cell therapy. Although not yet a routine clinical process, it possesses so much likelihood that more medical enterprises and researchers are assembling their resources and time to search for a cure. Essentially, the procedure of Parkinson’s disease stem cell treatment in Delhi is to replace the dead cells in the brain with other matching cells. This treatment has by far delivered amazing results.

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