Parental Monitoring Apps – How much is too much

Experts agree with the dimensions of the parenting that doesn’t involve interference. Psychiatrists prefer that children should be let chances on the grounds that they should learn and develop. But in the present age, bringing out such changes would let a chance of crime to get involved within.

A number of cyber stalking, cyber molestation, cyberbullying, sexting, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and raging cases could have been observed in the surrounding that are precisely pretty much shocking and alarming for the parents.

This all begins when the child holds his or her first smartphone!

Parental monitoring

Smartphone and Children:

Either to agree or disagree, the parental control apps have become a necessity since the children started to use the smartphones. The smartphones are savvy swift devices providing the whole world within them. Rather than just simple telephony, everything could be accessed using the smartphones whether they are games, e-commerce sites, social media networks, the multimedia or the documented text.

How to use the smartphone and what are the manners and ways through which a smartphone could be better handled has not been ascertained yet. There are no rules, no codes, no regulation or manuals that provide any information on this context. Yet the parents are supposed to give their children a smartphone because their friends have it.

Too Much of Worry:

The present scenario of the crime ratio, related to the smartphone technology, is massively increasing. Though the authorities are trying to curb this ratio but still it is pretty much out of control.

What could the authorities do when a Canadian girl wishes to join ISIS on the request of her boyfriend who got influence from a solicitor that the joining of him and his girlfriend would bring monetary benefit to them?

Definitely, the authorities are pretty much crippled in such cases that are ascertained to be tackled by the parents. And this is what that causes a lot of worry to the parents.

Being worried about the prevailing situations is not a solution to anything. Even though if a parent has a Parental Monitoring App and get worried hysterically after learning that a solicitor made a sex appeal to their child, could bring nothing beside disaster. Certainly, it will influence the wreck over the wreck instead of any solution and at the end, parents won’t be able to utilize they had derived from the Parental Monitoring App.

Parental Monitoring Apps:

Parental Monitoring Apps such as TheOneSpy are built for the safety and betterment of homes. Considering the ongoing crime ratio in the world, the developers needed for a solution to the families, precisely parents to reduce the strain and tension they have on them because of their children.

They are meant to be dealt with cool and calm temperament as they are a definite proof of any happening that is tensing. Instead of living in the ignorance and ultimate apprehension got a solution by the help of Parental Monitoring Apps which enabled the parents to be with their children all the time.

But the concerns of remaining hyper at even times won’t get to the right solution. Information so derived could lead to a solution that won’t just help out the parents themselves but even a number of other parents of the society.

Precisely, if there had been the Parental Monitoring Apps used in the heinous crimes that lead to the death of the children then take the word, those children would have been saved.

  • In 2014, a girl in Canada was cyberstalked and bullied by her colleagues, who was ultimately raped in the bathroom of the university campus; after the incidence the girl committed suicide; if Parental Monitoring App would have been used, the parents would have been able to save their child

  • In 2015, ghetto of the Detroit threatened a High School boy today certain amount of ransom money to let him be free from all harms; he was threatened over his phone through calls and messages for a week and ultimately he was put to death as neither he involved his parents nor the authorities following the fear of the ghetto; if TheOneSpy had been used here the boy could have been saved by the parents and the authorities

But the heinous crimes get the way out because of the frightened attitude of the children and the realm of the parents to be in the state of worries and the authorities remain helpless.

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Aline is a tech geek and digital parenting expert. He mostly writes latest and mobile data protection. He works at TheOneSpy related mobile spy app for android and protect cell phone OS (android, Blackberry, iPhone). Follow him on twitter @Alinecarrara7

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