Orthodontist VS. Dentist

Both orthodontists and dentists involve taking care of the oral health of individuals. You will be able to know where to go to whenever you want an oral problem to be treated but you must know the difference between the two.

Orthodontist VS. Dentist

What Does a Dentist Do?

A dentist is a known oral care physician which is in charge of providing services involving the general and common oral health problems. Some of these include tooth extraction, dental fillings, gum care, root canal, teeth whitening, and so many more. Simply, dentists are in charge of the overall oral health and care of their patients.

In order for an individual to become a dentist, they must first get a bachelor’s degree and get a four-year doctoral degree afterwards. The person who receives their doctor’s degree will be called a Doctor of Dental Surgery or may also be called Doctor of Dental Medicine.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

Unlike dentists, orthodontists are responsible for providing services regarding the alignment and correction of the teeth. They will also treat malocclusions which are also known as bad bites and other teeth and jaw related problems. They perform procedures that include installing braces on a person’s teeth, wires, retainers, Invisalign, and other dental cosmetic procedures.

Orthodontists can be known as one of the many roads that dentists may go to. Those who wish to become an orthodontist will follow the same procedures on becoming a dentist. However, after getting their doctor’s degree, they will need to become a residence of a school that is affiliated with the Dental Association of their country for two to three years.


The Similarity between Orthodontists and Dentists

Both dentists and orthodontists focus on oral healthcare of the individuals. They can both provide diagnosis and cure for the general oral ailments of different patients. An orthodontist can also work at a dental office without any problems.

The Difference between Orthodontists and Dentists

The main difference between the two is their main job focus. Dentists focus on the general oral care of their patients while orthodontists focus on the alignment of their teeth. Another obvious difference is that an orthodontist is also a dentist but is a specialized one. It would take longer to properly practice and master orthodontics for those who have their doctorate degrees in dentistry.


When it comes to relieving general health problems like toothaches, broken tooth, gum disease, plaque, and many more, you should look for a dentist to seek for help and assistance. On the other hand, if you are looking for a specialist who focuses on correcting your misaligned and crooked teeth, an orthodontist would be of great help.

Knowing the difference of both orthodontists and dentists can help a lot when it comes to your oral healthcare. In order to know which specialist to seek help from, it’s best to understand both professions first. If you wish to know more about orthodontists as well as their field of study which is orthodontics, feel free to browse through our site – http://www.gcsmiles.com.au.

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