Online vs. Traditional Education

Online Education

Technology driven world has changed the outlook of life and almost all the institutions of the world have been effected by it. The constant transformation of technology has generated new ideas and overturned the outdated ideas. The technology has permeated into everyday life and modified the preexisting thoughts and ideals. Education has also adapted a modern outlook to best fit in the contemporary world. Online learning is gradually steadying its way in the traditional education. The rising trend of Do My Essay online education has been vastly accepted and endorsed by students and others. Some of the most striking and contrasting features of online and traditional education are explained as follows:

1. Economy & Availability

Online education is more economical and ready to be availed anytime as compared to traditional education. Traditional education is much more expensive than online education and requires physical presence in the classroom whereas, online education is free from any bound, one can learn and attend lectures online while at homes.

2. Self-Assessment

Online education gives more room to think and grow out of conventional means. Students can research and make notes on their own without depending on others. Whereas, in traditional education chances of self-assessment are quite low as compared to online education, because students are mostly dependent on peer group and teachers. Online education makes student aware of his/strengths and weaknesses which usually is not the trend in traditional education.


3. Creativity

Creativity and novelty arise when students come up with novel ideas and experimenting new things. Researching skills can generate new ideas and creations, and it is also seen more in online students who are self-reliant as compared to traditional students who are mostly dependent on others and they feel hesitant in experimenting with new ideas.

4. Interaction & Feedback

Interaction with classroom is seen in traditional education as students interact with each other and make groups. Teachers give feedback in traditional education but a constant and instant feedback on assignments is seen in online education. Online students can interact with teachers without any problem as compared to traditional students.

5. Experience& Training

Online education is getting into main stream education at very fast pace. But yet some areas of education need experience which cannot be gained through online mode. Different fields require hands on experience, such as Doctors, Clinical Psychologists, Nurses, Computer Science, Engineering and the list goes on. Training cannot be done online.

Online education is economical, accessible and enables students to realize their strengths and weaknesses and thus empowers them to amend their dispositions according to the needs of time but yet in some fields; like medical, paramedical, engineering and computer science require rigorous training and traditional education is the ultimate option for that. Online learning has really opened up minds and thoughts nevertheless; the importance and significance of traditional education cannot be negated. Therefore, both modes of education have their own importance and implications. Both modes of education require improvements and hence both are regarded as equally significant.

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