Motivate Yourself to Run Consistently

Whether you are a sports person, just started running or an experienced runner then there will be times when you lack motivation to get out, run and exercise. Once you lack the motivation the consistency will begin to break and resultantly, you won’t be able to maintain good health & regular running routine. Here we are listing down tips to motivate you to run consistently. Have a look:

Consistently Run

Being a beginner, one tries to go too long or too hard. You shouldn’t commit it being a beginner. You’ll feel tired and end up getting sore & injured.

If you are overweight like near about 20 pounds more than the average weight, then you should walk at least 20 to 30 minutes on regular basis. At the time, when your body will become comfortable with walking then you can start walking in speedy intervals.

If you are feeling comfortable with running then you can begin with 5 to 10 minute warm up exercise, run for 10 minutes and then start jogging for 1 to 2 minute. Alternate the practice with rest intervals.

If you think, you can run without walking then do it in short intervals. Increase the running time gradually because body can adapt changes by time so let your body adapt the changes and gradually add time.

After beginning with the running, you need to keep yourself motivated. Choose a partner who is wonderful at conversation. You can look forward to your runs together and who is reliable too. This way you’ll be able to wake up on time and head out the door on time.

Lace up the shoes and come out the door to walk. Once you begin walking you’ll continue to build up the habit.

Don’t focus on that you have to wake up early or how hard it is. Rather focus on the surrounding and enjoy the beauty of nature while running. Enjoy the lonely time, have conversation if you have partner by your side.

These things will keep you motivated but don’t just run, do strengthening exercises. Always do stretching after 15 minutes running. On alternate days you can do stretching, one leg squat, one leg balance, and other core exercises. After reaching the targets, don’t forget to take breaks & reward you.

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