Methods of Gold Leaf To Follow For Promising Applications

Gold based leaf applications can be either water gilding one or the oil gilding option. Sometimes loose leaf is used for the same purpose or transferring of sheets takes place. No matter whatever the step might be, there are several stages to cover around here. First of all, you need to prepare for the background surface. After that, it is important to lay down special medium, also known as mordant, for adhering to gold leaf.

It is important to prime up the mordant’s surface. You have to make that sticky enough for receiving gold, but not that sticky so that the gold disappears in it. Later, you need to apply a single layer of leaf, pressing it, and wait till it dries up. You have to polish the first layer and then apply the next ones. You have to touch up the corners, edges and rough patches too. Then you have the final burnishing for the brilliance and tooling the gold texture.

Water gilding or the oil gilding one:

In terms of Gold Leaf, water-gilding forms a major way through which the gold leaf can easily adhere to the water based mordant well. The surface is made sticky with some thin moisture layers, mainly from the breath of gilder. In terms of oil gilding, the gold will adhere to oil based mordant, which can dry at controllable rates. So, you have to put the gold sheet when it is in the tacky texture and leave it to dry.

  • Gold sheet application on calfskin and paper media is quite achievable through water gilding method. For applying these leaves on walls and signboards, oil-gilding is the suitable one to consider.
  • However, the oil gilding method isn’t suitable to be used on any paper media as the adhesive soaks in and will ruin the entire writing surface.
  • Similarly, water gilding will not have durable surface for highly exposed or outdoor working areas. Therefore, it is mandatory to ensure the correct gilding media for chosen work before starting off.

For the loose leaf gold:

In terms of loose leaf gold, the prices are somewhat going to hike a bit. It is expensive rather than transferring gold, and makes up for it by being fiddler. So, it is hard to come across pictures of loose leaf that easily. Most of the time, the loose form of golden leaf requires some extra kit for application.

  • The most important tool is the gilder’s tip, which is a special form of wide brush for picking loose leaves from one edge.
  • If you are planning to gild one area at one time, you can try using the gilder’s cushion for the same. It is a place for resting the leak when you are cutting the appropriate size out of it.

Loose leaf is known to be extremely fragile, flighty and can fold up on whim. It can further stick to anything it can come in contact with.  So, taking proper care to handle this type of leaf is rather mandatory.

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