Men’s Wedding Bands: Figuring out the Right Width for Your Ring

When it comes to selecting the best wedding ring, most of the people generally spent hours on researching, visiting stores, and checking online sources. A wedding ring is probably the only jewelry that the guy is going to wear for the rest of his life to showcase his love for the spouse. Therefore, it requires being classy and sophisticated that adds value to the overall personality of the groom. Wedding bands are a sweet reminder of your wedding day and the bond you share with your better half.

Being the only jewelry that men prefer to wear in their lifetime, it takes a lot of things to consider while looking for men’s wedding bands in the market. One such factor is size and width of the band. Here is what you need to learn about the variations in sizes of men’s wedding rings so that you can select the ideal fit for your finger.

What Is the Average Width of Wedding Bands for Men?

Generally speaking, most of the men get confused looking at different wedding bands that come in various widths. If you are not sure about where to begin your shopping campaign for men’s wedding ring in terms of width, the most popular and average size ranges between six millimeters to eight millimeters. Although the right size of your wedding band is determined by the general size of your hand and finger.

When you go to a jewelry store to shop for wedding bands for the first time, you are likely to feel overwhelmed with the variety of available options. Do not panic and start with trying the 6mm width wedding bands and later adjust to a smaller or larger width. If you want to have a better understanding of the different variations of wedding rings for men, you should browse the wide range of options available on

What Is the Perfect Size for You?

When you go out for purchasing your wedding band, you might face a question from the designer or jeweler regarding your choice of width size, or whether you are looking for a wide wedding band or a narrow wedding band.

  • Narrow Wedding Bands: The wedding rings that measure around 2mm to 6mm are termed as narrow bands. These bands are best for guys who have a ring size under nine, have never worn a ring before and have smaller hands. Narrow width wedding bands are ideal for men who desire for a wedding ring that they can get easily used to. These bands are thinner which makes them less costly compared to the wider bands.
  • Wide Wedding Bands: Such bands come with a width of 7mm or more and are generally made of precious metals that make them highly expensive. A wider wedding band is suitable for men who want to have a heavy feel on their fingers.


Ultimately, it is important to keep in mind that you will be wearing your wedding band every day for the rest of your life. Hence, it is imperative to try out bands with different widths to find out the perfect item for you.

Author Bio – Andrew Thompson is a fashion designer who possesses a deep knowledge of jewelry as well. He has been reviewing and writing about the different wedding rings available on popular sites like in his blogs.

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