Maintenance Importance As Promoted By Most Mattress Factory

Healthy sleep determines the life span of a person and even more medically, the fitness level of a person. Even so, it is a pity that mattresses are often the most neglected aspect of a bedroom fixture. However, conscious people who know and understand how essential the selection and maintenance of a mattress is, invest in mattresses smartly, to secure a healthy lifestyle and fitness. Not only the mattress factory around the world, but even the Better Sleep Council survey manifests the impact and importance of a mattress in improving better sleep and health as well as happiness. People tend to invest $300 to $40,000 for a new mattress which is quite a good amount of investment for many people, but a mattress is not only important to enhance your bedding set but your overall healthy life, thus you can obviously consider it as a health investment too.

Importance of protecting warranty

According to most of the mattress factory, if a mattress is maintained properly it can even last up to 10 years. Besides these, those who consider investing in expensive and high-quality mattresses can be assured that such mattresses will offer them a life span of over 10 years, may be even up to 15 years. However, the longevity of mattresses essentially depends upon the way you take care of them. Most factories and manufacturers offer a set of maintenance tips to ensure a better life span of your mattress and keep them in best condition. You normally get a user manual or manufacturer’s guide booklet when you purchase a mattress. But some people tend to neglect these, however these can offer you a deep insight into the required and potential best maintenance tips.

Sufficient support

If you do not intend to invest for a matching box spring or foundation for your new mattress, you definitely need to ensure that you have sufficient support for your new mattress. In general, manufacturers recommend the use of box spring with spring mattresses and for foam and other mattresses you too need a solid and strong support. Moreover, if you do not buy an all new support for the mattress keep a routine check on the support to observe, if there is any deterioration.

Mattress protector

In order to acquire access to hassle free maintenance and to ensure longevity of your mattress. Mattress protectors offer multiple benefits like-

  • It ooffers waterproof protection to your mattress and guards it from spill of liquids.
  • It guards your mattress from being damaged by your skin oils, sweat, and body odor.
  • It also protects the mattress from accumulating dust and debris, which can result in allergies later, and therefore protecting the mattress from the growth of molds and dust mites is important to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Keep pets away from mattress

It is definitely an important precaution that can be taken to secure your health quotient for future. Pets, their cells and hairs and doing such activities on mattress will lead to accumulation of these particles and later lead to allergies.


Rotating your mattress to 180 degrees in every six to eight months for the first couple of years ensures that that pressure exerted on it while sleeping is equal on all areas. Overall this is an essential factor to improve the life span of the mattress. Now if you cannot manage to maintain your mattress all by yourself, you can also take up professional mattress cleaning services which essentially offer a well categorized pattern of cleaning and maintaining your mattress. You can also avail expert cleaning methods with professional assistance like steam cleaning, dry steam cleaning, infrared heat treatment, etc.

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