Looking for Brand Registration In Bangalore? Here is a Simple Guide to Help You

brand registration in Bangalore

Needless to say, a brand name or logo talks a lot about a company’s business and its line of products. A brand or trademark can be just a symbol or a sign that represents a company, and works as a common symbol of identification for millions of its customers across the world. It is extremely important for every business organization to get its brand registered as according to the Indian Trademark Registration Act, 2008, the registration provides an identity to all the Indian enterprises engaged in the business sector.

The registration process may seem fairly simple initially but at a closer look you may find out that there are a lot complexities involved that demand a trained eye. Therefore, it is advisable to equip yourself with a legal expert from the very beginning of the process. For brand registration in Bangalore, you may come across a range of renowned legal entities that make sure that your trademark is not similar to any other organization and also, they simplify the whole registration process for you. Once you get your brand successfully registered, you gain all the legal rights to protect your brand’s identity and can even file a lawsuit against those who try to misuse it.

Steps involved in the brand registration process 

  • Search for a trademark – Before you invest all your time, money and effort in getting the trademark registered, it is extremely important to check the availability of the trademark selected by you. By doing so, you get the assurance that your trademark is unique and is not being used by anyone else.
  • Choose the appropriate class – After seeking the confirmation regarding the availability of your trademark, the next step is to select the appropriate class for your products and services. Under the trademark registry, all goods and services have been categorized into 45 different classes and out of these, you have to select the most suitable one for your products.
  • Filling and filing application – After assigning the class, you are required to fill the trademark form that demands all your information along with the details of the name, logo or tagline of your brand that you wish to register. Once you are done submitting the application, you are provided a TM number within two days which can be further used to track the application.
  • Trademark verification – At this point of time, your application finally reaches the trademark officer who uses a certain set of guidelines stated by the government to minutely assess every aspect of your application in order to approve or reject it. If your application gets approved, you will be provided with a registration certificate and in case, any objection is raised, you will be called for a hearing at court.

Although this entire process can be carried online, it can get time-consuming and exhausting. Hence, for brand registration in Bangalore, it is always better to rush to experienced legal experts who can seamlessly handle the entire registration process at competitive prices. Moreover, they offer proper advice about the required documents, explain the whole process and the total cost of registration, before proceeding with documentation.

How to find a reliable trademark attorney?

  • The first step is to make a list of all the attorneys in your area and this list should contain at least five or six accredited attorneys so that you can draw a comparison between them.
  • The next step is to do a background check of all the attorneys in your list as it is important for you to check all their credentials, and read their online ratings and reviews. In fact, you can approach your friends and family to gather information about some of the top attorneys they worked with in the past.
  • Lastly, it is advisable to interview the top attorneys in your list as it will help you find out whether or not they have the adequate amount of experience and knowledge in the field which is related to your trademark. As any lawyer with a lot of experience in the restaurant trademarks may not be as good as for someone who owns an e-commerce startup.


The process of establishing, maintaining and retaining trademark can be challenging and complicated. Finding the right attorney to defend your rights as well as to deal with all the issues related to your intellectual property is essential for the success of your business. For brand registration in Bangalore, you have a bunch of experts who can effortlessly perform everything from trademark search to filing and handling infringement.

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