List of Perennial Vegetables Everyone Can Grow in Garden

Being a gardener having & maintaining patience for the next season and growing veggies can be a time taking process. Perennial gardening is a great solution to grow faster and get more veggies from your garden. You just need to plant the fruits, veggies & flowers once and enjoy fruits of your labor in the coming years. But there aren’t all the vegetable plants which are perennial or persistent. Many vegetables which exist can grow in a wide environment. But once they have been established, is low maintenance for all gardeners. Perennial gardening allows the ones to grow more vegetables in fewer efforts, less time and less expenses.

Some of these veggies combine the healthiest one, which are inexpensive to purchase on regular basis. Here is a list of veggies you can grow using any of the part of a plant like root, leaf or stem. Have a look:

Perennial Vegetables


Asparagus is a well known perennial vegetable plant. It is an early spring plant that takes time in growing because it’s not a quick producer as like other vegetable plants. But once these plants get established, will end up providing green & tasty treats. You can pickle them or garnish with olive oil & herbs. You can harvest it and maximize the plant produce by one or two year.


They are also known as Jerusalem artichokes. It is a close relative of sun flower plant that produces a sweet & crispy edible tuber. It has a nutty flavor, you can simply consume it in a raw form or utilize as potato. Keep it in mind to plant it on the edges of the garden because it can grow tall as like sun flower.


American ground nut also known as Indian potato, is a perennial veggie which can grow without much attention. It can be a great addition in your garden with a perennial vine that produces large edible tubers and edible beans.


These are the soft & cuddly vegetables also called as globe artichokes. They yield a large & tasty flower bud that you would love absolutely. Artichokes can grow to 6 feet and more in height. It takes couple of years in getting mature but you can also grow it through dividing patches.

These plants are a few examples of perennial veggies. You can also plant garlic, kale, collard greens, rhubarb etc. in your garden to get the fruit in less time.

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