Learn About Association for Japanese Language Teaching

AJALT’s activities square measure all double-geared toward the conclusion of a society that’s able to use the Japanese language as a medium for promoting mutual affection among folks of various cultures and customs.

Needs-Specific Japanese-Language Teaching Curricula

We analyze the actual desires of individual students and promote the look and implementation of Japanese-language teaching curricula in each person and cluster lessons. Our students represent the widest attainable spectrum, from business folks and diplomats to teachers, technical trainees, Indo-Chinese refugees, and youngsters. we have a tendency to additionally set up and run special Japanese-language programs for teams of foreign nationals hosted by businesses, universities, native authorities, and alternative domestic and foreign organizations.

Research Activities

The notice of the Japanese community with respect to these and connected matters. AJALT member lecturers are active in analysis concerning Japanese-language instruction. Such analysis includes a study of the language itself, moreover as specific teaching strategies, and analysis results are printed in educational and specialist journals. These results are bestowed at seminars and symposia, each in Japan and abroad.

Development and Publication of Educational Materials

In order to satisfy and satisfy the requirements of varied students, we’ve been developing and business enterprise the subsequent Japanese education materials.

Japanese for Busy individual series

Practical Japanese- for Technical Trainees-

Reading Japanese monetary Newspapers

Japanese for skilled

Japanese for youngster series

We are developing “Kanji” finding out material for specific fields and varied finding out aids for native communities.

Teacher-Training Program

AJALT has control open coaching seminars for Japanese-language academics each Gregorian calendar month since 1985. The seminars tackle themes of specific importance to Japanese-language teaching and supply systematic programs that cowl each side of language instruction, from theory to actual teaching ways.

The teaching courses specialize in numerous ways accustomed teach Japanese to specific teams, akin to business individuals, technical trainees, and kids.

The Japanese-China support the Skilled-Workers Exchange Center, and it jointly provides a course of study developing with and instructors for courses designed to teach Japanese-language teachers being sent to China.

AJALT conjointly sends directions to show at a coaching course for primary-and middle-school Japanese-language instructors. These courses square measure primarily administered by either the Ministry of Education or the Board of Education.

PR Activities

Once a year, AJALT publishes the magazine AJALT as a method of providing data to any or all those that have an interest within the Japanese language or Japanese-language instruction. AJALT is additionally supposed to extend general awareness of problems relating to the teaching of Japanese, and also the conditions long-faced by foreigners in Japan. Ultimately, we tend to hope AJALT contributes to cultural exchange and mutual affection between Japanese and non-Japanese.

Information on Japanese-language teaching in Japan and abroad, also as international cultural exchange activities, denotes on AJALT’s homepage on the net.

Support for Foreigners Living in Local Communities

AJALT provides syllabus designing and instructors for teacher-training courses surpass native authorities and international exchange teams.

AJALT additionally provides syllabus designing support and instructors for volunteer Japanese-language-instructor courses surpass native authorities.

In order to support the internationalization of native communities. AJALT helps set up cultural-exchange programs and courses on international awareness and sends AJALT instructors to participate in these courses.

It provides offers to turn out with facilitating, however as actual aid and follow-up support, in establishing Japanese classes in native communities, and assists foreign nationals in their study of Japanese.

At the request of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, native authorities, and varied international exchange organizations, AJALT has been concerned in making a network of Japanese-language lecturers to support foreign nationals finding out Japanese in native communities.

they are additionally conducting the analysis of the event of academic materials to be used within the teaching of Japanese in native communities.

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