Know the Best Places to See Fall Foliage in the United States

The season of fall foliage is setting in and it is during this time when tourists from across the globe plan trip to the US. It is in the USA, that fall foliage is experienced at its best. From the Northeast, Midwest to the Southeast, there are many places to view the best fall foliage in the United States. Each place experiencing fall foliage has its own special view and you ought to observe the spectacular image to believe.

Best Places to See Fall

Here are the best places to see fall foliage in the United Status. Do not miss out any.


To top the list is Maine that serves as a hotbed of fall foliage for tourists who wish to see the beautiful colors in the autumn along with a fill of salty sea air. The most appropriate time to observe fall in Maine is in mid-October. It is among the best places to see fall foliage in New England. The changing colors of leaves give a fantastic view altogether – the oranges, yellows, and reds. You can spend a night or two in the luxurious and historic hotels in the area, enjoy kayaking and bird watching in Acadia National park. Do pay a visit there to experience at the national park for great fun and excitement.

New Mexico

Let’s move to the Southwest and talk about New Mexico, one of the best places to see fall colors in the USA. Start from the famous Enchanted Circle. It is an 83-mile connecting the towns Eagle Nest, Taos, Questa and Red River offering a brilliant view of fall colors all the way through the Wheeler Peak if 13,161 sq. ft. – the highest point of New Mexico. The mountains and mesas in the area serve as a unique perspective on the beautiful fall foliage. You will find the popular aspen trees along with the cottonwoods and purple cinquefoil changing from red to yellow. The most suitable period to visit New Mexico for fall is in between late September to early October. Do keep a track of weather reports.


If you are planning to visit the USA during early season of fall, do make a visit to one of the best places to see fall foliage in the USA – Montana. Start from the amazing view at the Glacier National Park in Northern tier of Montana. Make sure you reach there early, even earlier than the first snows. Glacier National Park covers one million acres of glacial-cut mountainsides and valleys. The peak time falls in September end when the foliage looks damn beautiful and the park isn’t much crowded like that in summer.

Virginia and North Carolina

Another name in the list of places for best fall foliage in the World is Virginia and North Carolina. Drive across the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The route of 750kms links the Shenandoah National Park (Virginia) to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (North Caroline). All the way, you get to see the scenic beauty, halt at the campgrounds, picnic area or just stay overnight in one of the many comfortable lodges en route.

You will have an amazing experience of experiencing the marvelous view of Virginia’s mountain foliage from the Sharp Top summit at the Peaks of Otter. Coming to North Carolina, the tiptoe over the swinging bridge at the top of Grandfather Mountain and Linville Gorge’s three-tiered falls are the best places to observe the falls all around. The peak time to visit Virginia and North Carolina in mid-October.

New York

New York is one of the best places for fall in the country. In New York State, Central Park is a place you can observe some good foliage or if you want to set away from the city, drive to the Adirondack Mountains or Catskills for the ultimate fall view. The Catskills are known to house almost 35 mountain peaks of the height of 3500 ft. covering 6,000 sq. miles. The area reflects vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows at the peak time – late September to mid-to-late October. If you visit New York area during the peak season, you can also enjoy the many October fests and fall festivals held every year.


Arkansas is a popular state to see the vibrant fall colors in the USA. When in the state, visit Ozark National Forest to observe the most spectacular view of fall foliage across its 1.2 million acres of scenic beauty. The first color change starts during early October however the peak falls in between late October to early November. Some other places worth visiting for fall foliage include Arkansas River Valley and Ouachitas. It is located a little south of the Ozark Mountains. Here the fall starts in early November and continues till mid-November. You can also visit The Delta and Gulf Coastal plain that experiences fall foliage during mid-November (the season’s last).

The United States has some of the beautiful scenic views of panoramic falls to offer you. Fly to visit the best places to see fall foliage in the United States. Book cheap flights tickets and visit as many of these See Fall Foliage in the United States!

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