It’s Time to Overrule the Short-Term Gain

When it comes to the plethora of online marketing tactics, then, the sum of all the parts is not nearly equal to the whole. Instead, what can be done is try to align all digital marketing strategies under one umbrella solution that maximizes the reach and potential of each. Now do think digital transformation is meant for a short-term gain?

In simple words, digital transformation is a set of activities designed to enhance your business processes or a solution to today’s issues rather considering it as a way to achieve agility. In fact, digital transformation is often viewed as a path to keeping a business relevant in the face of increasing change and new competition. At the same time, digital transformation also creates opportunities to enhance the performance of an established business. Seems easy-peasy? However, it’s not! It involves numerous layers of technology adoption and change management. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Augmentation, Machine Learning, IoT, Mobility, are being adapted and moved fast as companies leverage such latest technologies. Cloud to build disruptive products and reinvent business models.

In order to achieve digital transformation goals, enterprises have to look at an effective digital strategy and transform various business functions. The following post acts as a small guide that will help you in creating effective digital strategies and transforming various business functions. But before that I would like to address the top challenges that enterprises face in their Digital Transformation journey:

Legacy infrastructure –

For the longest time, IT has only played a supportive role and maybe that’s why many companies still shy away from upgrading their infrastructure. In addition to this, the maintenance of IT infra needs goes up to as much as 55% of the entire IT budget. After all, most of the IT infrastructure is set up right at the beginning and most companies remain under-equipped to handle the emergence of latest technologies.

Do you know with the introduction of social, mobile, analytics and cloud, today it has become more difficult for businesses to cope with the legacy systems that established several years ago. The first and foremost step to overcome this challenge has to be investing in upgrading the infrastructure so that the system is able to effectively manage the changes required to bring in complete digital transformation.

Outdated processes –

As we all know that in the digital realm, businesses all across the world are being well connected with each other. As a result, it becomes more challenging to follow traditional processes and operate in silos. Today, we live in an era where there is no place for manual processes and stringent work policies any longer. If one wants to owe to the effort that goes into embracing Digital Transformation, entrepreneurs around the world require to start adopting Agile working principles and building modern new-age workplace models for their employees as an important step towards adopting modern working methods.

Traditional Company Culture –

Do you what is the biggest challenge in adopting digital transformation? It is that the transformation has to be deep-rooted and it should become a part of the company core values. And since the traditional cultures can be slow to embrace change, the flag bearers of Digital Transformation would have to lead the change in the organization by taking steps to progress and earn a spot in the digitally transformed industry.

Lack of automation –

A prominent characteristic of digital marketing businesses is the elimination of redundant tasks. By doing this, an enterprise adopts automation and gets rid of manual tasks which means faster go-to-market, rapid product updates, and improvements, seamless customer experience and a faster response time.

Limited scalability –

Digital transformation definitely requires re-allocation of resources for tasks that were non-existent before. However, with the coming in of so many changes, your enterprise should be well equipped to scale quickly at a short notice. Which simply means that the inability to accommodate these changes can become quite a roadblock in your path especially in a short period of time.

Building a solid foundation –

A technology ecosystem to effectively drive change has to be considered while keeping the complexity of digital transformation in mind. Assign a few flag bearers of digital transformation just to ensure that the changes are implemented on the effective basis across the organization and various processes.

Always keep this in mind, Digital Transformation is not something you do once. Constant upgrades, continuous development, and improvement at regular intervals, is what the concept is all about.

Rooney Reeves is a content strategist and a technical blogger associated with web, e-commerce and mobile app Development Company in India. An old hand writer by day and an avid reader by night, she has a vast experience in writing about new products, software design and test-driven methodology. Her write-ups mainly features anything and everything related to the web!

With the true passion for creating compelling content for online and offline media, Rooney has donned multiple hats over the past several years.

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