ISO 27001 As A Tool for GDPR Compliance

ISO 27001 as a Tool for GDPR Compliance

Complying with the policies of ISO 27001 Is the most logical step towards adding resilience to the network infrastructure Off an organisation. Therefore, it is equally logical to say that this standard has a lot in common with the general data protection regulation.

Apart from the intention of protecting personal data, both ISO 27000 one and GDPR Have a lot in common for example, the requirement of taking measures to encrypt personal data.

When an organisation builds an information security management system that is in compliance with ISO 27001 standards, they not only protect themselves from various cyber-threats, but also enhance the data protection system within the structure.


 If we closely observe the requirements outlined in Article 32 of ISO 27,001, we can fathom the fact that it also requires every business entity to identify and mitigate risks that can lead them to accidental or unlawful destruction, loss and alteration, or complete access to their personal data.

In a way , we can say that by complying with ISO 27001 standards, an organisation will be able to implement necessary security measures that effective in nature.

With the help of the risk assessment process of ISO 27001, outlining steps that organisations can take to identify the information security threats they face, is an easy task.

After which, they are able to prioritise their biggest IS threats, and are able to select an appropriate course of action for tackling them.

Annexure A of the international standard consist the steps that all the business entities can have implement to ensure resilience to cyber-threats. This will eventually help them in protecting the critical processes within their organisational structure.

This signifies the importance of ISO 27001 in GDPR compliance, because if an organisation identifies information security threats, they will comply with the GDPR requirements as well.

Whenever resilience to cyber-threats is concerned, complying with GDPR policies becomes one of the most crucial steps because if an organisation fails to do so, they are letting themselves exposed to cyber attackers who are looking for organisations who are not complying with general data protection regulation.

Therefore, this will let the organisation witness a malicious network breach.


If we take a look at the ISO 27001 consulting services, we can say that getting help from damn can prove to be beneficial for every business entity who’s planning for GDPR compliance and/or building cyber security network.  

Not only look consultants will help in identify the loose ends within and organisations structure but will help them in understanding the steps that are required to be taken for improving  their current condition.

Necessary steps like gap analysis and ISMS audit are some of the helpful ways than a consultancy firm take to ensure their client’s overall compliance status, and safety from cyber-attacks.

but when we understand their efficacy closely, we find out that information security consultants in the UK are ideal candidates that any company you can choose Ford getting an ISO 27001 certification, for GDPR compliance.

Efficient information security consultancy services help an organisation in implementing the steps required by that international standard for information security. Therefore, getting assisted by a consultant beneficial for an organisation to prepare for but risks and threats that they might face.


Finding a suitable information security consultant is not a definitive process. But understanding what to look for can help an organisation in getting hold of the ideal candidate for their needs.

First of all, the candidate should have enough experience in the market to deliver sufficient measures better both effective and suitable for implementation within the organisational structure.

Secondly, a candidate should always have a wide variety of consultancy services that covers almost all the consultancy needs among all the industries. This adds to the approachability factor of the candidate. And the higher this factor is, the suitable candidate would be.

Thirdly, the consultancy firm should be open to discussion and suggestions. There are some consultancy firms around the world that are not practising Effective communication with their clients. This creates that is not appreciated at any level.

In a nutshell, getting a seasoned company as your partner will help you understand the impact of the threat that you might face and will help your organisation in taking the necessary steps for adding resilience to your structure.

The fact that every consultancy firm believes in Consulting their clients before implementing their measures, makes them a constant guide for their client.

These consultation sessions are always suitable for fulfilling all governance, risk, and compliance needs as well.


Everyone is aware both ISO 27001 and general data protection regulation are intended to accomplish a single goal. But hello it is important to understand the have difference between these two so that everyone can comply with both of them.

 When we see them both under different lights, we understand have the cruciality of violating any one of these. This makes us as a global sector responsible towards protecting the personal data of the employees that are working for us and the customers were associated with us.     

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