Is America a nation of immigrants? Immigration lawyers say No

At Los Angeles, on 22 February 2018, the agency which issues green cards and assigns citizenships to the people of foreign countries, has stopped saying United States ‘a nation of immigrants’.

The director of United States Citizenship and immigration service’s wrote a letter to their employees to inform them that the mission statement has revised to ‘guide us in the year ahead.

The phrase describes the agency responsibility to secure ‘America’s promise as a nation of immigrants’.

The fundamental mission statement was created back in 2005 which depicts that the agency secures America’s promise as a nation of immigrants through delivering accurate and beneficial information to customers, grant them immigration and citizenship, and assign them with basic rights and obligations.

On the other hand, the new version of the mission statement claims that ‘USCIS administrates the nations lawful immigration system, safeguard their integrity and promise to deliver immigration benefits fairly and equally while protecting Americans’

The director of the agency after being appointed by the US president the revision in the statement was incurred and makes it more straight and simple. The revised version was ‘clearly defines the agency’s role in our country’s lawful immigration system and commitment, we have to the American people’

The director didn’t mention that he removed a phrase from the statement which was ‘nation of immigrants’ which clearly depicts the turnover of the decisions of America and the Agency. The reduction of immigrants in US affects America’s multiculturalism and affects the immigration lawyers, in America. As immigration lawyers contribute significantly to the nation’s economy. They successfully bring the creative, talented and powerful people in the country to earn their skills.

Similarly, the immigration lawyers in Fairfax, VA faced challenging circumstances, when the US president shifted his decisions into reduction in immigrants in the country.

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The revised version also lacked the word ‘customer’ which was symbolizing the foreign people or immigrants. The term customer is used by the agency to keep in mind that they are working for the American people or America.

The director of agency claimed that revision in mission statement was particularly, as sad turn of history. One thing is still sure that under the old wasted mission statement, the dignity, integrity and national security functions of the agency grew, by showing that they are welcoming the people from different nations and it’s a safe one.

He advised to stop criticizing the revision and deletion of the words, and think about the opportunities that America will lose because of this decision described in the statement. He added, is this the type of country we really want to be? Think about it.

Despite the criticism, a spokesperson of the Federation for American immigration reform favors the restriction of immigrants and appreciated the change. He declared that our immigration system lacks the clear and defined national interest objective, while we can achieve more than expected benefits from the foreigners.

However, the director of USCIS has promoted the Agenda of US president and put hard restrictions on the immigration. The policies and terms get strict and the scrutiny of visa applications for foreign workers has increased by the agency, while they have to get lenient on them as the American companies are seeking to hire them. Companies are the asset for the governments and they always try to facilitate them one way or the other.

Whereas, certain more steps are added in the process for foreigners who are already residing in the country and working to get legal permit or green card.

A petition of foreign nationals, striving to get green card, visit, reside or work gets refuted in the country. Thus, Department of Homeland security processes the citizenship applications since 2016, the beginning of the tenure of new president.

The director of the agency quoted that they are responsible to ensure that those people who naturalize are dedication to this country, they share our values, compliments our society and understand the seriousness of responsibilities to preserve their right of freedom and liberty.

Thus, the slogan of previous president ‘a nation of immigrants’ enhanced the economy of the country through the contribution of the immigrants.

The immigration lawyers, in Fairfax, VA today invokes the phrase to recall the good times and remind the citizens of America about their ancestors who came as a newcomer in the country and build their selves strong enough that the country and their host country was getting benefits from the individuals.

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