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Importance Of Knowing The Audience Before Starting Your Brand

Knowing The Audience

Brand Master Academy will guide you in knowing and understanding what the consumers need and whether it will sell directly to individuals or other businesses.

Now here is the question:

Does your brand show authenticity?

Do you build relationships with your audience?

Is your brand for you or your target audience?

Ask yourself before starting your own brand. 

BMA-questions to ask

According to Brand Academy, Understanding the Importance of the human brand personality is now the talk of the town who are starting a Modern Brand that does not only speak about their product and services but also to their environment that will be used in the taste of the consumer or the audience.

For the past years, The study found out that having a brand company needs to level their product to their consumer’s demand and they also need to know how to have an interaction with their audience.

I have researched that,Brand personality is a set of human characters that are attributed to a brand name”, Therefore a brand personality is something that a consumer should relate and look into.

brand personality

Brand personality is all about the familiarity of the intended audience by their experience in the place of the said brand.

So how about we tackle knowing that we should study and be knowledgeable of how the brand personality may influence and affect the way they think and behave?

Let’s say you can be seen being so passionate about how you interact with your consumer, wouldn’t their affection for the brand grow? Most of the best and loved brands differentiate the transaction and the relationship with the consumer.

Brand such as Lego

brand personality 1

Yeah, you already know what brand it is and what it makes. It makes sense because the brand takes place with the business and that’s the relationship with the consumer that is from only being transactional. Most of the brands have similar traits that they would display, the brand characteristic with what we like and what we believe we are attracted to.

There is a study in Cambridge that they found, That by the Brand’s message this will put the audience closer to the consumer’s want and will produce more effectively.

As everyone has their individual personality, characteristics, and traits, although some of the group of people show that they have the same traits that lead to having similar behavior. Sometimes we can see that our audience’s traits and how they behave shape what they will be in the future.

Now we are done with knowing our audience. Let’s focus now on our brand because we won’t know the development of such personalities without knowing the role of authenticity.

Why is it important that you have Authenticity?

What is Authenticity? 


The word Authentic means “original” or “legit”.

Brand owners must hold on to their authenticity that will help them to build deeper connections with the audience. 

As the elderly people told us, To have a long time relationship with someone, 

“ Be genuine, honest, and as real as you can possibly be”.

If you show the genuineness to your audience then they are assured that the brand is trustworthy. 

There are certain types that cause the brand position to fail, such as; 

  • The loss of the worth of the brand because of the termination of the brand advertisement.
  • The brand that usually overexposes their product to the point that the consumer gets tired of it and it becomes uncool.
  • The high cost of a low-quality product.

As per the blog that I have read, about 30 to 40% of the new products fail to deliver a meaningful financial return that typically happens due to such reasons, poor product, failure to understand customer needs, and lack of internal capabilities within the product. If you want to achieve a successful business you have to analyze everything like an ongoing competition.

We are now in the Modern Society that focuses on Modern Brand. Hold unto your brand, focus, and think about what your brand can show to your audience so that you will be able to build a deep relationship with them. Knowing the needs and wants of the audience is the most effective brand strategic tool to shape your brand.


Before building up a business being knowledgeable about it is also a must. You can’t just take a step to unfamiliar things without a concrete plan. If you are thinking of putting up a business and you need a guide. Make a plan, build your brand, and don’t sit comfortably even if you achieved your goal.

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