Hydrate Hair with Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrate hair with hyaluronic acid: The people who take care of the hair constantly look for cosmetic treatments and nourishing products to improve the quality and the thickness of hair. And many times this is difficult to find a product that provides beneficial for the scalp and frizz. Fortunately, there is hyaluronic acid for hair that improves the life of the follicles and naturally promotes the shine of hair. Beyond providing, together with other substances, a lasting straightening, it provides hydration and nutrition.

In this article, we will specifically going to talk about the benefits of treatment with hyaluronic acid in hair. You can see the properties for the whole human body in the link. As a summary, to advance that in recent years there has been much talk of Japanese smoothing methods, keratin treatments and a host of products aimed at naturally healthy hair; vitamins, collagen, and beneficial substances. On the other hand, very little is said about how this natural polysaccharide cares for it.

Hydrate the hair with hyaluronic acid

The scalp and hair follicles are underlying tissues for the hairline. In each follicle, one or more strands are lodged, and the whole creates what we call mane. Good scalp health makes hair look robust, lush and shiny.

Each hair bulb consists of several layers of skin that provide the necessary nutrition to have strong and healthy hair. This is the central part from where each capillary unit receives essential substances such as vitamins, keratin, and essential amino acids. In the scalp, we have millions of follicles that make up what we commonly call hair and, like the skin of the rest of the body, it also needs hydration. Fortunately, we can use hyaluronic acid to hydrate the hair since it works perfectly.

Thanks to the power of this molecule to increase its size when it captures water, the skin of the head next to the follicles are rehydrated. This seemingly simple event improves blood circulation, relaunches the synthesis of collagen fibers and provides a torrent of nutrients that are scattered throughout each hair.

Treatment of hyaluronic acid for hair

The pros about this type of product is that you can apply it from the tip to the root, with which the contribution of nutrients is throughout the hair. Used in this way, hyaluronic acid hydrates the hair by acting from the source to the tips. Apply a small amount, like you already do with nourishing masks after washing will favor dry and dehydrated hair get the necessary water molecules.

The fundamental thing when it comes to taking care of hair is to avoid products with silicones, parabens, and harmful substances. To have bright hair, you have to take care of it a lot, and sometimes the products we buy may contain hazardous materials.

That is why the recommendation is to acquire free shampoos and supplements from these agents. In contrast, hyaluronic acid strengthens the hair giving it a greater thickness. It works directly with the polypeptides when you apply it on the scalp, and it helps with the nutrition of the follicles.

This is due, as we have said, to the fact that it promotes the creation of collagen and elastin fibers, which gives each follicular unit more vitality and more capacity to provide nutrients. Also, thanks to the hyaluronate molecules thicken hair structure, prevent damage and breakage of hair. What produces a hair more soft and silky, easy to comb and with fewer jerks. The hairstyle is easier, and the scalp suffers less with brushing. Less encasing.

Differences between hyaluronic acid and hair keratin

Keratin is a fibrous protein rich in sulfur. It is the main component of the hair and gives length to the hair thanks to its continuous rolling. The keratin we use in cosmetic products is a synthetic substance produced in laboratories that simulate and serves to improve the capillary structure.

Looking at the hair with a microscope, we can see how the structure of each hair has gaps due to winding. The keratin treatments in the hair fill the gaps causing the hair to stop spinning. This eliminates frizziness and strengthens hair straightening.

The treatment is usually done in conjunction with other substances. Well with keratin, panthenol, glyoxylic acid or collagen you can straighten curly hair. Instead of covering the gaps as keratin does, hyaluronic acid has proven to be a great protector against the sun and environmental aggressions. Protects the nose with a thin film of water molecules that you can use water drink reminder on your mobile that prevent dehydration due to cold and heat. This significantly improves the brightness and appearance, providing a natural color thanks to less dryness and breakage.

Also, the hyaluronic acid mask is an excellent product that works very well with UV rays. The days that you take the sun, you can use it before to avoid dryness later.

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