Human & Synthetic Hair Extensions

Human And Synthetic Hair Extensions For Men or Women!

Human & Synthetic Hair Extensions

Helping You Choose Between Synthetic and Human Hair Extensions

If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to hair extensions, you’ve probably wondered which types are best for you synthetic or human hair extensions. There are definite things to consider with both types, and you should take your time to assess both before deciding on either.

Getting hair extensions can be a very exciting and fun experience- it is a quick way to give you a drastically updated and new look. The nice thing about hair extensions is that they aren’t permanent.

If you decide to try something different, or that the look is no longer for you. You can have the extensions removed easily enough. The fact is though, that hair extensions are time-consuming to put in, and can be fairly pricey. So, you’ll want to carefully think about exactly what type you want before heading off to the salon.

If considering this hair update, you’ll need to decide between synthetic and human hair extensions. There are definite pros and cons to both. We will start by discussing human hair extensions.

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Human hair extension

Human hair extensions can last upward of one year with PROPER care. This is definitely dependent on how you care for your locks. If not treated properly, you will not find yours lasting anywhere near this long. Human hair extensions act like real hair in that you can style them with heating stylers, such as curling irons, rollers, etc.

The style is likely to fall out of the hair though in such circumstances as humidity, etc – just as it would in your own natural hair. You’ll find human hair extensions require more maintenance than synthetic ones.

Just like your real hair, human hair extensions can also be coloured. However, they may have previously been colour treated, so you must keep this in mind if thinking of colouring them again. Colouring the hair is going to damage them, just as it would do your natural hair.

Human hair extensions, of course, being REAL hair, do look the most natural, and blend the best with your existing hair. And, being real hair, they will also style the most naturally.

Unfortunately, depending on the hair and the price that the stylist is charging you to put them in, human hair extensions can cost you several hundred dollars.

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Synthetic Hair Extension

Synthetic hair extensions are not quite as versatile as human hair, nor do they last as long. Synthetic hair typically lasts between 1 to 3 months, depending on how well you care for them. Synthetic hair is set to a certain style and you cannot change it. Some people like this, as they don’t need to curl or style their hair.

Others do not like the limitations of not being able to curl or style the hair. Synthetic hair cannot be curled as most will melt from the heat.

Also limiting- synthetic hair cannot be colored. If you attempt to color the hair, it will damage it. If the proper synthetic hair for you is used, it can definitely appear like natural hair. Synthetic hair is considerably less expensive than human hair extensions.

Your choice between synthetic or human hair extensions is likely dependent on how you like to style your hair, and how you plan to style your hair with extensions. Price may also be a determining factor, as human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair.

It is the myth the only human hair extension is good for everyone and the same as a synthetic extension also good. So let’s break the myth. Both the extension a lovely and pretty in their looks. Similarly, these extensions play such a vital role in different directions.

Only a single word is enough to explain both very well & that is their cost! If you have a handsome budget go for human hair otherwise synthetic is always there.

In the last, whichever choice you are leaning towards, be sure to discuss your hair intentions with your hairstylist prior to deciding on one or the other. You’ll love the final result that hair extensions will give you. Hope you enjoy this great information, but can I expect one thing, just one thing. Applied all this information ASAP! Good Luck!

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