HR Leaders Prepare the Team for the New Normal

HR Leaders Prepare

CHROs prepare for the new reality of the global pandemic through HR tech trends. Read on to know more…

The global pandemic that shook the entire world and became the reality of the world is here to stay. That’s the reality!

The new normal that the corporate world adopted temporarily has now become the truth of the corporate. Remote working, telecommuting, and work from home, which initially were resisted by even the best HR leaders has become a new way of functioning, as COVID brought everyone to their knees and enforced lockdown.   

Yes, there was an optimism around the fact that in summer there will be lull in infections, however that didn’t happen for numerous reasons. CHROs feel that with lockdowns easing and numerous states not returning to lockdown situation, it doesn’t seem likely that there will be any post pandemic reality anytime soon.

So what’s the solution?

The solution as the leadership in HR predicts lies with HR technology. Yes, HR tech. Consider this: There is a potential of vaccines entering the testing’s final stages, however, there’s still time before we realize that the virus is not affecting the way businesses are done. And even after the vaccine comes into the market what is the guarantee that people will accept it readily. In addition, what’s the guarantee that there will be no other pandemic hitting in the future sometime soon.

Lessons We Learnt from The Pandemic

The current situation has taught numerous things but the one that sticks out is quick adaptability to the change. Global pandemic brought swift changes to the way we have worked over the years, and while the changes, which otherwise would have taken years, were quickly brought to heel during the pandemic.

It’s a given that HR has been the sticking agent that had held numerous organizations together, as it collaborated not only with IT but also operations and the entire management of the organization ensuring that the business kept going forward. And as some of the best HR leaders look ahead wondering what’s in store for the future, here are some of the inevitabilities that the leadership in HR feel we should be ready for.

HR Also Needs Reskilling: Reskilling is a term with a negative connotation, as some individuals might take it against themselves and feel that their skills have become useless. The reason why they have to relearn and reskill themselves to stay employed. One of the examples is in the recruitment team in numerous companies currently. As the core skillset of the HR of the recruitment will be needed again in the future currently there is a lull in the hiring and the department sees a shift in priorities thus a need for reskilling.                                                                                                                  

The current HR tech trends ensure that the compensation challenges that the HR department faces are eased out through the latest HR technology. One of the best HR tech trends includes getting all the employees – whether remote, telecommuting, or working from home – on the same page and ensuring that each of them gets the deserving pay.

While the HR technology is fairly new to some of the best HR leaders, the leadership in HR is doing their best to get hands on experience on these latest HR tech trends so as to ensure smooth remote working of employees. The HR tech also ensures that the employees are not only positively engaged but are also motivated amid the global pandemic.

Consider Where Technology is Necessary

There is a great deal of talk around technology at the moment and rightfully so. From automation to data analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing, there is a wide variety of tools for HR to implement to aid in creating efficiency and improving the employee experience, but embracing it all won’t be possible as budget constraints and organizational culture concerns take a toll.

In a nutshell, the current HR technology requires a careful analysis along with the data required to make before rushing into something. It is up to the HR teams that need to examine the HR metrics closely, and the things that were important pre-pandemic are no longer applicable or need to be measured in new ways.

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