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How to restore your WordPress WebSite from Backup?

WordPress Website backup is utmost important stuff to protect our data when a site hacked. WordPress Support Backup service will permit us to retrieve our WordPress site when it is getting down. However, backup files enable us to restore site while something goes wrong. Finally means to say, Restoring WordPress site is a necessary part.  

The Restore feature is a part of our Backup tool, and we may include wordpress website from backup. Restore process running just before your data of a last-minute backup, you will not be able to do this.

To restore your website, just go to the websites screen, watch a website and tap View Backup.

Before starting the WordPress Backup & Restore process on your WordPress website, you should be aware of two concepts: databases and files, where you have stored your data and create your WordPress site.

Take a look, here we will explain to you how to restore WordPress website from backup. You can just restore WordPress by following the steps below, which are as follows:

Restoring WordPress WebSite from Backup

1. Understanding a backup and restoring WordPress.

2. Restoring WordPress from BackupBuddy Backup file.


That’s All!

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