How to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive Partition (FAT & NTFS)?

Description: – Important data files deleted from hard drive partition. Now want to know how to recover deleted data from hard drive partition. So, Here you will find safe and secure way to recover deleted files from NTFS and FAT partitions easily.

User Query 1:I just bought my laptop six months ago and I am already having trouble with it. Actually, it was my fault completely that I have accidentally deleted some downloaded books from C: partition. Can anyone tell me how to recover deleted data from hard drive partition in laptop? Those books are really important for my test and I do not have time to look for all the boosk at such a short time. So any kind of help would be really appreciated”

User Query 2: “A few days ago, I was cleaning my system by deleting unnecessary files. Due to some malfunctioning of my keyboard, I have accidentally deleted some important files during that system cleaning drive. Now, those deleted files are not even in the Recycle Bin. Please suggest me any good data recovery software so that I can get back those files without any delay. I am completely alright with a paid tool as free tools are often not trustworthy. Please help me to recover deleted data from hard drive partition.

Do you also want to know how to recover deleted data from hard disk partition? Did you accidentally delete some important files and now repenting your action? Regret no more, as we bring you the ideal solution to resolve your problem. This write-up will focus on the processes of retrieving deleted files from any partition of the system. But first, we will discuss a bit about partitions and deleted data.

What Do We Understand by Partitions?

In every computer system, hard drive or solid state drive is the storage device that saves Operating system and all other files. Before users can install OS on a hard disk, users are asked to create partitions in a drive. Partitions are, as the name suggests, parts or segments of a whole hard drive. Partitions help users to sort their data in a sorted manner. Because of partitions, users can even run more that one operating system on a single PC. Usually, the first partition is identified by the letter C. This is also called the system drive as the operating system and other system files are primarily saved in this partition.

Types of Deleted Data

This discussion about the deleted data type will help users understand the next section better. If you think that deleted data means data getting wiped out of the system for good, you are wrong. Deleted data can be of two types: soft-deleted data and hard-deleted data. Soft-deleted files are those that get removed from their storage partition upon deletion but remain in the Recycle Bin. Remember that according to the default setting of Windows, all the soft-deleted data will move to Recycle Bin, unless the setting is changed.

On the other hand, if you hard delete any file, it cannot be found in the Recycle Bin either. They disappear from the view of the users; but not quite erased from the hard drive unless new data get overwritten on the same disk sector. Usually, files that are Shift + Deleted or deleted from the Recycle Bin are considered hard deleted or permanently deleted. In the next segment, we will learn the techniques of getting back the data that got deleted from the partition.

Methods to Restore Deleted Data from Hard Drive Partition

Depending on the type of deletion, we have just mentioned, the method of data restoration will vary. Let’s check out the ways to get back lost data from the partition.

Recover Soft Deleted Data from Hard Drive Partition

If your data got soft-deleted from any of the system partitions, check the Recycle Bin. In almost every case, you will find that file that bin. To restore, select the file and right-click to choose Restore option. Thus, the file will get restored in its original partition. Users can also click on Restore all items button for quick restoration of all the soft-deleted files.

Retrieve Hard Deleted Data from Hard Disk Partition

Now comes the hard part: what to do in case of hard deleted data. Well, we have got a solution for that too. Use SysTools Partition Recovery Software. This application will make sure that all your hard deleted files can be retrieved without much hassle. No matter what type of file you have deleted, this tool will recover them all. It also supports FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file systems and works on all of them. Perform these steps to restore hard deleted files from any particular partition:

  1. Download and launch the SysTools Partition Recovery Software.

  1. Click on the Scan button under the partition name from which the data got deleted.

  1. The software will display all the files of that partition, and deleted files will be shown in red.

  1. Select the files you want to restore and click on Save.

Concluding Words

In this post, we have answered a commonly asked query: how to recover deleted data from hard drive partition. We have also talked about hard drive partitions and types of deletion. We expect that users will be able to perform the instructions given here without any problem and retrieve their deleted files from FAT and NTFS partitions easily.