How to Quickly Backup & Restore Your System?

Computer has become necessary for our life and work, most people use it everyday. We stored important data in our computer, such as files, videos, photos and so on. What’s more important is that we use an operating system to manage them. That is to say, OS is important data too. If OS get error or lose data, we can’t visit other data. So that create system image backup in advanced is very necessary. Choose a great backup software, you can not only backup quickly, but also restore quickly. Today, I would like to recommend you to try the most effective way to do fast system backup&restore – with the help of AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Many brand machines integrated vendors’ one click backup&restore programs. Such as Lenovo onekey recovery, Dell backup and recovery, TOSHIBA Recovery Media, etc. If you buy a brand desktop or laptop, you can enjoy them freely. However, most computers in the world are DIY. So that many users prefer to use third-party one click backup&recovery software. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a good choice. It has already get many good rewards and reputation in the software field. Users trust it for another reason is that AOMEI has a full-scale backup tool called AOMEI Backupper, one of TopTen backup software in the world, people believe AOMEI’s ability. Choose third-party app has some additional advantages such as won’t be affected by re-install system, resize partition and other change system operations.

Next, let’s have a look at AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Download from AOMEI site, install and run it, you will find the interface is super simple. Two big buttons on the left and right represent backup and recovery separately. If you click to start a task, you will find few steps will achieve your goal. When come to recovery, you could press”F11″ (default) or “A” key on the keyboard during computer startup.

In principle, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is free to use. The freeware spends shortest time to do backup because the image is stored in factory partition. If you want to backup to other location, you can try Professional edition, which also supports compression, compression, manually set prompt time interval during startup, hide the notice info at boot and so on. There are other higher editions, some business man choose customization edition as it supports customizing logo UI and rebrand.


Nowadays, time is money. When we get trouble in computer, we hope get a fast solution. AOMEI OneKey Recovery doesn’t lose to any brand vendors’ programs. Its easy-to-use functions attract more and more common users.

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