How to Perfect Your Golf Swing Like the Pros


Golf in the United States is booming, with record numbers of people engaging directly and indirectly with the sport. In 2021, 106 million Americans either played golf or followed the game through the media. 37.5 million people played golf either on courses or on driving ranges, or participated in off-course activities.

The beauty (and eternal frustration) of golf is the fact that improvement is always possible. Even the professionals on the PGA TOUR frequently battle with their golf swing and look for ways to tweak it.

In this blog post, we will share some practical tips on how you can improve your golf swing and hit longer and straighter shots. Let’s get started.

Improve Your Grip

Having a good grip on your club allows you to maintain full control. There is no right or wrong option when it comes to gripping a club; the right grip for you should just feel natural and give you the feeling that you are in control.

That said, avoid holding the club either too tightly or too loosely. If you aren’t getting any consistency from your shots on the course, revisiting your grip should be your first step, given how it is the foundation of a great swing.

Pay Attention to Your Stance

Having a poor set-up can also affect your consistency and ability to hit the sweet spot of a club. Your stance also impacts the direction, so it pays to take the time to get into the correct position before swinging your club.

Your specific stance will be different depending on the type of shot you are hitting. Hitting a driver off the tee is different from hitting an 8-iron, which is different from putting on the green. Practice the proper stance for every shot you will have to hit during a round.

Impact on the Ball Is What Counts

Certain golfers, Fred Couples springs to mind, have a naturally beautiful and easy-looking swing. The mechanics of a swing will be different for everyone and the only really important thing is the impact on the ball.

The trick here is to master your own unique golf swing. Exactly what you do with the club during the movement before impact might look strange, but if it works for you, then there is no need to overhaul it for a ‘prettier’ swing.

A correct impact will result in accuracy and length, which is the key to playing good golf.

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The Perfect Golf Swing: Find Yours

As noted above, golf can be a frustrating game at the best of times. However, gradual improvement is always a good feeling. These golf swing tips will help you to get more out of the game you love.

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