How to make money as a Content Writer


Frankly being a content writer is not quite as difficult as it may seem. You don’t have to be Beckett to earn money online from writing. It can help to be good at writing, however even when you are really good, you can make a decent amount of money

Writing skills are constantly at a premium, although not many understand how to promote themselves and their solutions. They’re also unaware of all of the avenues available to them as a writer. The following article is aimed to assist you to know how you can start earning money as a writer.

Freelance Content Writer

This is truly the simplest and easiest way to earn money for a content writer. There are plenty of websites out there that bring companies and writers together, which means you can bid on different projects and operate them freelance. The largest in the industry would be Elance and oDesk. You’ll find lots of composing jobs posted on these two sites, more than 500 daily. Don’t forget to do your homework in every case and use for jobs that fit your skills. Make a personalized cover letter and explain why you can do the task

Earning through Guest Blogging

This is actually a really excellent way to earn money, however, is under-utilized by the majority of authors for a while. Fantastic sites cover anywhere from $40-$80 for an in-depth blog post. Though it normally takes time and some study, this is a great amount of money to receive as a writer. Bear in mind that as a blogger you’ll get paid more than what is typically offered at freelancing sites such as oDesk and Elance mentioned above.

how do you compose for blogs that are famous? Well, first off, simply look for the best sites in your specialty and contact the website owner directly. Before doing this, you may want to set up a rapport, for example, through intelligent commenting on a few of his articles. This can allow you to build some credibility as well. Following that, you may simply write to the blog owner talking about your abilities and negotiating a pay. If he likes what you have to give, you can be assured of a steady job for a blogger.

Lots of big blogs do earn a good sum of money online so they don’t have any problem in paying for good quality talent. If you make contact with the perfect sites, you can earn a living off writing blog articles for large sites. In the process, you can set an excellent reputation for yourself that is invaluable in the future for larger missions.

Be a Copywriter

Writing sales copies online is a tough task for many. A sales letter will make or break a business and anybody with something to sell wants a killer sales copy. The problem is, there are a lot of people creating stuff but they cannot put the ideal words into their landing page or sales page.

Copywriting is a top paying content writer occupation. It is possible to require $100-$200 for a one-page sales copy if you have proven expertise. Obviously, if you are writing a more post, you ought to be paid much more. It’s possible to search for these bargains on websites such as ClickBank or Commission Junction where fresh entries have quite lousy sales letters. Simply contact them right, point out a few flaws in their composing and give them your services.

In most cases of copywriting, you will need some proven experience, so I propose beginning modest but do a Fantastic job, then use this as a sample to get many other deals

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