Weight is something that is a number one concern for people now a days. Everybody wants to look fit and healthy. All the people who are obese, work and stress upon losing weight. People not only want to look good and do everything they can in order to achieve their ideal weight, but they also know the problems that are accompanied by obesity. Obesity is a disease. The kind of disease that spreads in the whole body giving rise to many different illnesses and problems which might ruin the normal functioning of the body. So, if you know you are obese, start working out on maintaining your weight from today.

Obesity causes some very serious problems such as heart diseases, kidney diseases, gallbladder stones, certain cancers an etc. all these problems if not treated and looked upon on time, can result in a person’s death, hence, obesity is a very serious concern and one must not take it light.

One might be feeling very comfortable in their body. But they, living in ignorance, do not know what diseases are taking birth in their bodies which will result in damages (long term).
Not only is obesity a problem, but weakness is also a very prominent problem. People who are week, tend to suffer from illnesses and even hair loss. Usually, the people who are obese are helped but weak people are told not to do anything because they are thin. But, you never know how severe this can end up. Therefore, staying in the healthy range is very important.
Macro is basically derived from macro nutrients. What they refer to is the amount of nutrients or energy that one intakes. It is highly surprising for some people to know that the amount of weight one puts on, is related to their energies as well. An obese person feels less active and lazy all the time, the reason being is that an obese person’s calories are being utilized in the formation of fats and not for the production of energy due to all the unhealthy things that a person tends to eat. By the addition of the macro nutrients, one can easily calculate their caloric total and hence, this is highly helpful in gaining and losing weight.

Given below is the basic interface of how the calculator looks like.

Macro calculator is very simple and easy to use. It just requires some basic information. After the use of this, you can calculate the amount of your macro nutrients.
It has proper boxes of calories, carbs, proteins, and fats. If you are obese and finally your eyes have opened up and you are deciding to lose weight, then one way you have to start doing it is by calculating the amount of energy or nutrient intake of yours and its relation with the fat formation in your body. You will for sure, be surprised at how useful it is to start losing weight with this calculator. It gives you the basic starting idea for weight loss. Not only that, but it also puts light on the topic of weight gain for the people who suffer from it but go unnoticed.

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