How to Get Your Business On Google Maps In 4 Simple Steps

So you’re opening up a new business? It’s probably been a whirlwind like you’ve never experienced before.

You’ve had to raise capital, figure out a marketing strategy, and get your supplies in order before the big opening. But another component you’ll need to figure out is helping customers find your location.

Long gone are the olden days when people used physical maps to find places. Nowadays, most people look on a Google map to help simplify their search. 

But have you been wondering how to get your business on Google maps? Our guide will provide insight into the process.

1. Check if Your Business Already Exists

Sometimes your business may already be on Google Maps because anyone can add details to the platform. So type your business’s name in the search bar to see if it pops up.

If it doesn’t, you’ll see “Add a missing place” as an option. In the next window, you’ll be able to enter your business details, category, and location.

2. Claiming Your Business on Google Maps

Although you’ve entered a few details about your company, Google still won’t recognize you as the owner. So next, you’ll have to claim your business on google.

You can follow the link provided above for in-depth steps. But essentially, you’ll need to create a Google Business Profile account and undergo a simple verification process.

It’s beneficial because you’ll be able to respond to reviews. Furthermore, it’ll help improve local SEO efforts, so customers come to you first for all their needs.

3. Verifying Your Business

After claiming your business, the last step is verifying it to confirm you’re the owner. This step usually takes a few weeks because a postcard gets sent to the physical location.

Throughout the process, don’t change the address because you’ll need to get a new postcard sent to you, which can further delay the process. It has a unique code that you enter online to complete the verification process.

Once you get the code, you have 30 days before it expires, and you’ll need a new one. Upon receiving the pin, enter it immediately. Afterward, your location will take a couple of weeks to go live on Google Maps.

4. How Much Does It Cost?

It costs nothing to get your business on Google maps. Also, you don’t have to pay anything to create your Google Business account.

So there’s no reason to limit your business revenue when customers enact a local search.

Here’s How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

As a business owner, you’ll already have enough things on your plate. However, people need to be able to find you.

With the steps above, you know now how to get your business on Google maps. It’s a free service in which you’ll need to enter your credentials and verify your status as the owner. 

Doing so will increase your Google rankings and help you have a successful business in the long run.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. For other business-related content, check out our blog.

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