How to Fix Corrupted Flash Drive Without Losing Data – Get Solution

Just think, if your pen drive is confronting you this error message such as the file is corrupted and unreadable when you trying to open any data file. We all know, that the pen drive is most popularly utilized to store data across the world. Mainly, it helps to transfer data files from one place to another one without any inconvenience. But, sometimes it displays some kind of errors basically, this happens due to corruption. When your pen drive is highly corrupted at that time, it generates this kind of error messages. In order, to resolve this issue most of the users looking for an effective solution. So, today! With the help of this article, you can resolve the most commonly occurs issue such as how to fix corrupted flash drive without data loss. Moreover, in the oncoming section, we are going to mention the free method to repair corrupted data from pen drive.

Fix Corrupted Flash Drive Without Losing Data Manually

This free solution to fix corrupted pen drive is available in 4 ways. All the techniques to fix corrupted flash drive without losing data are discussed in an effective manner. Simply, follow anyone approach as per your requirement to get the positive resultant.

#1: Assign Different Drive Letter to USB

Often times, the system cannot assign a drive letter to the USB drive due to some unknown reasons. Because of this, your data files which are stored on pen drive becomes inaccessible. In these circumstances, you require to assign a different drive letter to your flash drive. To do so, follow below-listed steps:

  • Initially, plug in your corrupted pen drive into your local machine.
  •  Afterword, right-click on My Computer>>Manage>>Disk Manage.
  • Here, locate your flash drive in the list then, right-click on it.
  • Lastly, select a drive letter for your USB flash drive under Change Drive Letter and Paths option.

#2: Reinstall USB Flash Drive Drivers

Sometimes, the drivers are the main reason that may lead to corruption issues. Additionally, this will occurs the corruption and corrupt the entire data of pen drive. Now, to implement the procedure to reinstall of the drivers. Follow below-stated steps.

  • First of all, right-click on My Computer after that select Manage.
  • Then, choose Device Manager option in the pop-up wizard.
  • Now, double-click on Drives in the list and then right-click on the name of your corrupted flash drive.
  • Here, click on Uninstall option from the drop-down menu. After that, hit on OK to move ahead in the procedure.
  • Subsequently, plug out your pen drive then, restart your system again.
  • Ultimately, attach your USB drive again and your computer will detect it perfectly.

#3: Fix Corrupted Flash Drive Without Losing Data Using CMD

This process involves the Windows command prompt “CMD” utility. It is also known as CMD. To implement this procedure you have to add some CMD commands. Follow the steps for the same.

  • Primarily, insert the corrupted pen drive to your computer.
  • After that, choose the Start button and Right-click on it.
  • Additionally, hit on CMD as Administrator. Afterward, a command prompt wizard will open automatically.
  • Then, type diskpart in that and press the Enter key.
  • Now, add list disk and select Enter. Here, you can see the list of all devices, which are connected to your desktop at that time.
  • Here, enter disk <the number of your disk> and hit on Enter to proceed forward.


Make sure that you add the number in an appropriate way. Besides, you might be format your internal hard drive badly. You should have to check that you insert the correct numbers or not. You can type list disk to check the number perfectly.

  • Subsequently, add clean and press the Enter key.
  • Type create partition primary and then press Enter.
  • Add active in the given field and then again type select partition 1.
  • Finally, type format fs=fat32 and hit a click on Enter. Do not quit the CMD wizard until the procedure is ended perfectly.

#4: Fix Corrupted Flash Drive Without Losing Data by Windows Explorer

This procedure is utilized by various users to fix corrupted flash drive without losing data. To execute the process follow all the steps which are discussed below:

  • Firstly, start My Computer
  • Then, select the corrupted flash drive and simply right-click on it.
  • Here, hit on Format from the appeared drop-down menu into your screen.
  • After that, click on Restore Device Defaults from the prompt up window.
  • Hit a click on Start to start the format process.
  • At last, click on OK in the upcoming dialog box. This dialog box is come up with a warning message as for deletion of complete data. If you choose OK then, after some time the process to format flash drive is completed successfully. And your USB flash drive is error-free now.

Notable Tip!

After implementing the above-explained manual steps to fix corrupted flash drive without losing data, you may lose your important data. But, do not worry, with the help of the SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Tool, you can recover get data back from a formatted flash drive within a few minutes.

Time to Wind Up

In this technological era, all the people are relying on the USB flash drives all over the world. Because this is handy and easily accessible anywhere. But, when the USB is getting corrupted due to some reasons it causes unknown issues like users are getting unable to view their data file etc. At that time, users find an alternative solution to resolve the issue properly. so, in this write-up, we explained the best free approaches to fix corrupted flash drive without losing data. Thus, you can select any one method as per your requirement.