How To Find Professional Boxing Equipment At A Reasonable Price?

Boxing Equipment

Boxing is one of the most popular sports that has been existing for decades. The sport has become more popular in recent years. It has drawn the attention of not only the youths but also kids.

People of every age and gender seem to be interested in this sport. If you are new to the world of boxing and if you are looking for some boxing equipment at a reasonable price then your wait is over.

We are here with a list of products that are highly affordable.

  • MCD Boxing Pads

If you are looking for the best quality boxing pads at a reasonable price then you can get these. MCD boxing pads are perfect for the boxing coaches, trainers and other professionals. It is made from high-quality leather and high-quality shock absorbing Pro padding.

Besides that, it comes with a V-Shape hook and comfortable wrist grip. The gloves can be easily pulled in and pulled out. It is available in green colour and looks too stylish.

  • Adidas Speed Mesh Focus Mitts

This product is totally perfect for martial arts, MMA, boxing as they ensure protection as they are made from EVA foam for optimal shock absorption. It comes with a padded palm with a grip ball and anti-moisture Climacool technology. 

It is available in white and black in colour. The black one looks gorgeous but the white one definitely looks iconic.

  • Adidas Boxing Gloves and Focus Mitts

Adidas has been well known for manufacturing Professional boxing glovesfor ages. Here are other Adidas boxing gloves along with focus mitts that you can purchase for yourself.

It is perfect for the beginners as it ensures protection because of the padded foam for optimal shock absorption. Comfort is guaranteed in these gloves and mitts.

By purchasing this set you will receive a pair of boxing gloves and a pair of focus mitts. It is available for adults in black colour and for the kids in blue colour.

  • Pro Box Thai Pad

This Thai pad from Pro Box is perfect for Muay Thai kickboxing and MMA. It is manufactured from leather grain quality vinyl and comes with aero foam high-density padding that ensures comfort and protection.

The Thai pad is air-filled and water so that there is excellent shock absorption. The outer shell is of high-quality PU. It is totally recommended for home use only.

  • MCD Boxing Head Guard Protector Ron Series

Are you looking for a head guard protector then MCD is here to provide you with the perfect ones. These head guard protectors are excellent for the males out there as they provide maximum protection as it comes with shock-absorbing premium padding.

It is made from great quality leather and offers clear visibility to the opponent as it fits perfectly to your head. It is available in black and brown in colour. It is totally easy to wear and remove.

  • MCD Boxing Coach Chest Guard CH-5

MCD boxing coach chest guard is perfect for the boxing coaches and trainers. It offers great protection and allows boxers to fight at a close range without thinking twice.

It protects from intentional shots and also the accidental ones. The chest guard comes with shock absorption pro padding that is easy to wear and remove.

It is adjustable and made from great quality leather. Perfect for not only male but also female coaches. It is available in black colour.

  • Pro-Box Leather Hook And Jab Pads

Another best type of focus pads that you can get at a reasonable price is this Leather Hook and Jab Pads from Pro Box. It is totally comfortable because of the curved design.

It ensures easy catch to the punches and easy-grip palm so that better positioning of the hands can be made. This is made from great quality leather and ensures better protection to the fingers too.

It is perfect for MMA, Muay Thai and boxing. This comes with water-filled and air-filled so that there is better absorption of the shock and high-quality PU outer shell. These products are highly durable and are from reputable brands. You can find all these products easily and you can get them at an affordable rate from any nearby store or any online store.

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