How to Buy Email Lists and Factors to Consider Before Buying

The significance of email marketing for your business

Email marketing is the most effective way of showcasing your business, product, and services as it allows you to send updates, discount offers, information, and other details about your product and services, and also you can generate regular traffic to your website. It also allows you to customize and personalize every email and directly step into your recipient’s inbox opening doors for personal branding and being on top of the head of your targeted prospects.

Email is a very important form of communication for various purposes between two individuals or between two organizations depending on their occupation for example professionals in an organization, students with their schools and colleges, job seekers with HR’s communicate with each other through email. Through this, we can understand who doesn’t have an email address.

According to Statista Research Development, in 2017, global email users were recorded to be 3.7B users, and this figure is set to grow to 4.3B users in 2022. That’s half the world population. This report clearly explains that email marketing is an opportunity that you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Now let us dig in to know how to buy an email list

There are many vendors and database companies that sell their databases to businesses. As there are many vendors providing email lists, contact numbers, postal addresses it’s very much important to test the accuracy and quality of the data provided.

It’s important to make sure that the quality of the email marketing lists is good and has no bounces and not sent to the spam box and neither be blocked by the email transmission services (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc). Many vendors promise to provide accurate data but unfortunately, that’s not the case actually as we see half of the total purchase is bogus email data coming into your bucket.

When you call the vendor asking for a refund they completely deny the refund but instead offer you more email addresses. Hence before buying make sure they provide a guarantee to refund if the quality of the email list is poor.

5 important factors to consider before buying email addresses

  1. Live Human interaction

Before buying it’s a good practice that you proactively call the seller and clarify all your doubts because most of the time it’s the Chabot communicating so always look for human interaction.

  2 . How to verify the accuracy of the email list?


Always ask for the phone numbers for all the given email list and after receiving, call randomly to verify that all the email recipients actually exist and does work in the organization. After a few calls, you may experience a 50% email list to be bogus. And if after going through the verification, if you found more than 70% of lists are genuine then you can determine the service provider as authentic and you can buy the list.

  3. How well established the database providers are?

Make sure the service provider is genuine and is there for long in the business of database selling and provided the best service previously to other companies and has no negative remarks of data fraudulent activities. You can inquire about the authenticity of the database provider through your friends and companies who purchased the data before you.

  4. Questions to ask before purchasing

Below are a few general questions to ask the provider and more if you have any from your end.

How they acquire the data, what is the process?

Is it through online, offline, large business meetings, business events, business surveys?

What exactly is the source of their big database?

How they can assure you the data to be 100% real and not fake?

What methods do they follow for data verification?

What is the percentage of email deliverability?

What is their commitment to data security?

  5. Check with their refund policy

When you are outsourcing an email list from a vendor, irrespective of the transparency and reliability, there are a few questions you need to ask them on behalf of their refund policies. It makes it easier for you to invest in marketing data when you know when there are the least possibilities of wasting resources.

What are the terms and conditions for a refund?

How soon it would be refunded?

What is the quick resolution for any bad data found?

Final Conclusion

Always remember that with one thing when it comes to email lists. The quality is always preferred against the quantity of the lists. Make sure that the list you acquire has a few qualities, as mentioned. It is accurate, verified, free of invalid, unengaged, and uninterested contacts to produce promising results. All of these qualities enable your email marketing campaigns with the opportunity to increase your ROI tremendously.

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