How Synthetic Hair Wigs are Different from Human Hair Wigs


The wigs are a great resource for those who wish to surface a celebrity look or are trying to be discreet. The world of fashion dazzles its audience by wearing stylish wigs. It gives a quick and practical essence to one’s appearance.

There are cases where some people are afraid to try a new haircut assuming that they will regret it later. Thus, a wig provides an opportunity to try a new style without having to take extreme measures on the natural hair.

Some wig manufacturers use either a natural or a synthetic hair, but a hybrid is also known to exist. Before purchasing, it is utmost important to inquire about the fine quality and constituents of the hair used in the wig.

Consumers of wigs often have doubts regarding the difference between human hair and synthetic hair and wonder about the right kind of care they require.

There is a few do’s and done’s, especially when it comes to synthetic hair wigs.

The upside of a synthetic hair is the cost benefit. It is a lot more affordable than the natural hair. The downside, however, is the decreased lifespan of the product.

The synthetic hair wigs come with higher quality , but it is their nature to cease after a rigorous use. The material employed in the hair lasts for a brief time, depending on the brand.

Whereas following all the maintenance procedures of the human hair wigs will make it last for several years.

A natural hair wig, being more expensive, is ideal for those who want to try out a look for a short period, or simply want to use it from time to time in casual or formal events.

The synthetic fiber application is ready-made and to maintain the standards; it can not be altered as per desire. For example, dying is not recommended and you can not use appliances such as hair dryer, hair straightener or a curling iron.

Therefore, it’s crucial to note while buying, to choose a wig that combines with the color of the skin, the shape of the face and other quintessential requirements to achieve this purpose.

For washing, use a regular shampoo & conditioner, then use a comb and let it dry naturally.

Human hair wigs made from the natural structure of human hair are an ideal choice for those who like to change the color of the hair, sometimes.

It’s manageable, and you can dye any color of your choosing. It is important to remember that all chemicals damage the hair. Thus, a human hair wig requires the same amount of care as a naturally grown hair, including weekly hydration.

Using a hair dryer, hair straightener or a curling iron may damage the fine quality. Apply oil or serum for heat protection, to avoid breakage and dryness.

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