How Social Media Helps in Doubling Your Traffic

Social media traffic is different from search engine traffic and direct traffic. You should take care to publish your content on the social media to get more traffic. You should know about the dos, don’ts, and statistics related to social media content to get more engagement from the audience for your website or blogging site. However, most of the blogging sites and websites may not get all they deserve on the social media. When you are committed to produce and publish top quality content on the website, you should show the same commitment to getting the traffic for your content from social media, the traffic you are worthy of.


Sharing the content of your blogging site may get a few likes and shares and after that when you share it for the second time, you may get more likes, shares, and more traffic. However, when you share the content for the third time, the traffic doubles. There is the logic behind this traffic, which is simple. The content you shared is appealing and engaging. Some may think that sharing the content multiple times is the secret behind getting more clicks and engagement from the audience. However, the fact is, the content’s worth and visibility is the factor that gets more traffic on the social media. Using stormlikes to get more likes on your social media sites is also a good option.

Strategies that can be considered

Some of the strategies you should consider while sharing content on social media are as follows.

  • Don’t share spammy content.
  • Don’t share the content you wouldn’t like to see.
  • Always commit to the values you expect in the content you see and provide the users the content with high quality and values.
  • Consider the tastes of the followers before you publish or share the content on the social media.
  • Consider the habits of your followers before you share the content on social media for umpteen times.

Never share the same message repeatedly

If you share the same message repeatedly, people may feel that you are a spammer. You can share a message on the same day, same week, or same month multiple times until your message looks fresh and shareable. Monotonous content may make you a spammer. You should be careful while sharing the message to avoid becoming a spammer. For example, you can include a reasonable number of hashtags to make your content likable and shareable to the audience.

Optimizing the content

Make sure that the content you share on social media is properly optimized. You should use long tail keywords and high-quality content for better optimization of your content. Hence, take care that you do not stuff keywords in the content but add good keywords whenever necessary. The keywords included in the title can earn more social media traffic.


Sharing the content on social media is helpful to double the traffic when shared in a proper manner. You should be away from spam and should provide high-quality content with a good length and hashtags to get more traffic for your posts on social media.

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