How hybrid app development can be beneficial for your enterprise

Hybrid apps

App development plays an important part in the growth and expansion of the business. There are various app development platforms available to the users, native apps, hybrid apps, HTML5 apps. Hybrid apps are the combination of both native and web apps and developed for the specific platform. The hybrid app development is a combination of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. These applications are made available to the users through a browser.

Benefits of development of hybrid apps

Lower cost of development: The cost involved in the development of application play a key role and it is an important decision. Hybrid apps are relatively cheaper than the cost involved in the development of other apps. The task on these apps is done at a fast pace.

Enhance UI/UX: One of the main reasons of popularity of hybrid apps is that it displays data quickly and also fits the screen in no time. It is able to load high-quality graphics and content on the app quickly as the apps are lightweight as compared to the other apps. Hybrids apps are able to solve the issues related to the fluctuation of data.

Easy integration: The hybrid apps have the facility to integrate with other application without any complications. These applications use apps like camera and GPS for the enhanced user experience and better quality services.

Scalable: where native apps have the issue with the cumbersome process updates and versions. These applications can be updated with a new version very swiftly and very scalable for the businesses.

Offline support: In cases where there is the unavailability of good connectivity, hybrid applications provide offline support to the users. It is one the reason the hybrid apps are more preferred by the users.

Easy maintenance: hybrid apps are more flexible than the native apps as they provide very easy maintenance and whenever an update or new version is rolled out, it can be updated very easily.

Best of Frameworks of hybrid app

Xamarin: This is one of the most popular among developers and most used framework for the development of cross-platform applications. This framework enables developers to reuse codes and tools to develop apps at rapid speed and make the process of app development less time-consuming.

React Native: this framework is the best framework for the development of hybrid applications. The framework helps in building cross-platform applications with the such an ease and impart experience like native to the users. This framework is supported by a huge community that helps developers if any developers end in the deadlock situation. This framework is not referred to be used by beginners.

Ionic framework: Ionic framework helps the developers to develop applications that look like native apps. This framework became popular among the developers in the recent past when they are able to developers using Angular JS. It is best for cross-platform app development and it is due to the number of features it provides for the development. The ionic framework has a huge community of developers who are always ready to help in building applications.

PhoneGap:  This framework is famous among the developers because of the fact that it enables developers to use the same codes for various different platforms and also use the existing website. Developers with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can easily build applications using this framework.

Framework7:  developers skilled with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are able to build hybrid applications. In this framework, there are no external dependencies that enable the developer to build applications at ease and quickly. This framework lets dynamic app development that appears the same as the native applications.  This framework provides developers with various styling elements and also in-built animations that make attractive apps and user-friendly.

Mobile Angular UI: This framework is Open source. This framework can be used to in combination of Angular JS and bootstrap. There are various components such as nav bars, switches, overlays that enable developers’ applications without any complications.

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