All you gurus of marketing strategies, out there, be happy! Now you have a very effective and useful tool in your hands for chalking out strategies, which convert ordinary internet users into your precious customers. SEO, as you know, relates to enhance ranking of your business website in such a manner, that it will be easier to find it on a search engine. The conversions obtained by this high ranking placement, may result in long term loyal customers. We will explore ways to affect digital marketing by using SEO intelligently.


Targeting the right audience as potential customers has always been part and parcel of any good marketing strategy. This also applies for digital marketing via SEO.

To start with, one has to focus on demographic statistics regarding location of potential customers, their search patterns and what are they looking for in searches? A detailed and in depth analysis must be carried out on all counts related to your business competitor’s products and services available in market and nature and status of competition. Google search will provide much desired help in such an analysis.

Once a meaningful analysis is made, you are now all set to identify your prospective customers. By now, you also know their preferences, which income group they belong to and where are they primarily located?


Start with searching most effective and appropriate key words which are influencers for targeted audience. Though this task can be conducted by any business owner himself, it will be advisable that services of a SEO expert are sought. Remember following points while seeking key words for searches:

  • Key words should not merely be traffic boosters, but they must rather be accelerator of your ROI(return on investment). A key word or combination of keywords is worthless if it enables increase in traffic to your website but do not result in tangible material gains.

  • Key words must be precise. They must have maximum relevance to your business, products and services.

  • The different set of keywords related to multiple dynamics must be incorporated. Depending on which browsing phase a customer is in, key words will change. e.g. query about brands and models, phase of placing an order etc.


Each and every page of a business entity’s website must have unique content satisfying customer’s needs reflecting through their searches. For each page, there must be a keyword theme linked to its build up, so that search engines can crawl through it smoothly and place your website in high ranking bracket. Following crucial points must be considered in content development for SEO.

  • Content needs to be logical and organized. Since, content without logical flow enhances confusion, a viable SEO digital marketing strategy requires that it must be well organized. All mentioned links must be need driven.

  • Blogs and product pages must be both informative and engaging.

  • Update contents consistently. Remove old and obsolete content and incorporate fresh one responding to current market needs.


Links to useful and relevant websites providing related information enhance quality of a website. Having such links enhances ranking of your own website in search engines retrieval. It simply means that more potential customers can access your site with much ease. In devising a strategy for SEO based digital marketing, the entrepreneur must ensure that not only external links of the website are of high quality, but the internal links within websites are quick, logical and effective too. It satisfies your visitors search needs and increases traffic to your websites.


Meta tags are catchy. Meta description phrases or Meta title tags which tell much about your company in not so many words. Google and other search engines navigate through the Meta tags while making indexes.

When the visitor searches your site through search engine, the SERP (Search engine result page) is retrieved. It displays a listing, which includes Meta tags of your website. It actually motivates visitors to take a round of your website.

The Meta description therefore, must be written in keeping broad marketing dynamics in view so that it becomes a mean to increase your site’s traffic.


No matter how effective and impressive SEO strategy a business adopts, all goes wastes, if periodic performance monitoring is missing. One must keep an eye on deliveries of SEO strategy on a set time cycle basis. Google analytics can again come to rescue you of any difficulties in monitoring process.

By doing performance analysis, you might make necessary changes in strategy.


Jack kevin is a proficient content writer. He has experience of 6 years in the marketing field as a content writer. Usually, he writes articles about education that help students. He is employed in a write my assignment cheap where students can order an essay.

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