How Divorce Affects!

It is a well-known belief that the mates/marriages are already made in heaven. But to keep that marriage alive is our sacred duty. We often mistake someone to be our soul-mate and often ignore someone who truly is. I know it is very beautiful and purest feeling to be in a marriage but it is the toughest part to be maintaining one. I would say if you need to cross oceans for maintaining a good marriage then do it. If you feel to cross 7 seas for it, I would say you do it. And if a child is involved in marriage then you stretch our limits as much as you can because if you part ways then it may have a severe outcome on the mind-set of the child and he/she may suffer for the rest of his/her life.

Divorce is the worst outcome for a couple as makes the child’s life miserable.

I would love to give an example of a child who suffered acute trauma during his teenage life because of parental alienation. So here it goes.

The boy Mike (Original name not disclosed) used to live with his parent in the Nashville, TN. By the age of 8, he lived with his parents happily. In the later half of the same year, his father became addicted to drinking and this was the start of problems for their happy life. His mother was not happy with the drinking habits of the father as he frequently came home drunk and beat up her with sticks to take out the frustration. The mother kept silent throughout the entire suffering and never shared her grieves with others. This condition led to deteriorating her health in ways anyone could possibly imagine. She was diagnosed with depression and later was found addicted to drugs.

This was the background to of the parents. This behaviour of the parents resulted in lack of concentration for studies at home for the child. The drunk father often beat up the child if he ever complains something. The child along with the mother thought of separating from the man and live on their own. The Mother of the child filed an application for divorce and made sure that the proceedings were taking place in rapid time frames as she got to get out of that situation real quick. During this mess, the child had his exams and was unable to attend them because of the legal proceedings his family got to go through. The outcome was that the child failed in all the subjects and was forced to drop a year from the school and stay at home causing an acute case of trauma.

To overcome these type of situations, the governments across the globe are striving hard to make peace with family law, the divorcing parties if the child is involved. To make sure that the future of the child is not affected by the chaos created by the parents, the court should make a provision for the children whose parents are currently having an unstable marriage to send them to remand homes, until the situation is resolved.

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