How Can Military Perimeter Security Systems be Helpful?

Perimeter Security is a barrier kept around a particular area to prevent a breach directed in or out of the area. Perimeter Security systems can be seen around a prison or any other highly secure area that doesn’t permit anyone to go in or leave the area. These areas mark region where either extremely sensitive information is being kept or extremely dangerous people are being held.

Military-based perimeter security is of utmost importance. These security systems are installed at checkpoints to ensure safety and to keep troops and operations as safe and secure as possible. Since military intelligence can prove extremely dangerous in case it lands in the wrong hands, military based perimeter security should be the tightest.

Electric fences, crash barriers, spy systems, security cameras etc. play a very important role in Military Perimeter Security Systems. Building fences and walls with anti-climb technology are also being preferred by some organizations.

Military-based perimeter security can be useful in multiple ways:

  • A barrier between the military and the civilians:Military based security systems can be used in areas where the chances of a breach are extremely high. Such as camps where important Intel in being stored and is a target side for invasion by civilians who can be heavily armed. Places like this use a mixture or razor wire, sandbags, security cameras and heavily armed guards. A few fences not just block the entrance, but is also connected to an alarm system which can notify the authorities about the intrusion. There are fences with electricity running through then and anyone coming in contact with them can die of electric shock. There are fences with proximity alert systems which will notify the presence of another person within a particular distance of the fencing. Overall, fencing is a really smart technology.
  • Multi-layered Protection: A few large industries, as well as military bases, use multi-layered protection systems as they are more secure. These systems are in place when there is less guard to protect the area. Multi-layered protection might be expensive but it is efficient and reliable. There are cameras connected to software which alert the security as soon as something suspicious is recorded, or it gets hacked into. This is in addition to multiple fencing, wires or walls that are dangerous and can only be accessed via a passcode. Thermal cameras and video analytics are also used for added security. These systems are maintained in such a way that it is unaffected by weather conditions and power cuts. Anti-climb toppings are also provided to prevent people from jumping off the walls. They may be of various types and should be chosen according to the need.
  • Vehicle Barriers: Every vehicle moving in and out must be checked and rechecked. Mostly, metal detectors and bomb detectors are used. These detectors provide a full sweep of the vehicles and alert the security if something is amiss. These detectors are a part of perimeter security as they scan anything entering the facility at the perimeter. Once it has been declared secure, it can enter the property.

While technology provides us with a multitude of options, human surveillance and human protection is always more efficient and safe. Technology has its own disadvantages, the most important being cost. Some things need to be saved from the common masses and military based perimeter security can prove extremely helpful. However, it should be carefully planned and executed. There should be personals monitoring the borders manually and ready to take an action in case something is amiss. Real-time information relay and interpretation are extremely important in order to maintain a secure and hostile environment around the given area.

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