Hot and Trendy Topics To Consider in Educational Technology

The educational technology (Ed Tech) domain is gaining momentum and the boom in technology startups have popularized Ed Tech even more than ever before.

The most gripping topics among the teachers in the Ed Tech field for teaching and learning are about students and not about technology whatsoever.

The hottest ten topics in the educational technology are listed after taking over 3,800 session proposals furnished to ISTE 2016 reviewers.

 Educational Technology

The topics are:


As more companies are aiming to cash in on Artificial Intelligence, robotics is becoming popular for many. Companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, Toyota, etc have envisioned rolling out driverless technology vehicles in the near future and this provides huge opportunities for students to choose robotics.


Coding is the subject where one learns to create websites, computer applications, and software. Coding is not just the subject for computer science students rather it is now emerging as a popular topic among children and teenagers.


STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Arts are the new addition to the STEM subjects and that includes performing arts, visual arts, and music. Arts are important for design and aesthetics and are gaining popularity in the Ed Tech domain and are finding many takers over the past few years.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is any types of drafting or writing technical communication those are utilized in a wide range of occupational and technical domains such as aeronautics, biotechnology, chemistry, consumer electronics, engineering, finance, robotics, and computer software and hardware. This domain mixes writing with technical knowledge and it offers a wide range of job prospects for students.

Instructional Design

Instructional Design is the total process of analyzing learning requirements and objectives and the development of a system to fulfill those requirements. Instructional Design ensures the instruction’s quality is fulfilled with the help of instructional condition with the use of instructional and learning theory.

Gamification & Gaming

Gamification is the procedure of including elements of gaming into the academic syllabus in order to grab the attention and engage more and more number of students. Gaming is not new but it is still one of the hottest topics in Ed Tech. Gaming is a vast subject that not only deals with creation and coding of virtual games but also integrate education with games.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) denotes the usage of computer technology to create three-dimensional realistic environment or images that are achieved by the use of interactive hardware and software, and controlled or experienced by body’s movement. Even though VR has been around for some years, it is still a promising field of study and is one of the most sought after courses.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship can be described as the standards of responsible and appropriate behavior vis-à-vis technology. It is a collection of wide ranging materials, which include videos, lessons, games, for students to enable them to safe and secure online behavior.

The maker movement

The maker movement is a movement in which a person or a group of people manufacture and sell products that are assembled or renovated from old, discarded, unused, broken silicon, plastic, or electronic or practically any parts or products from a computer or digital gadget. This enhances the creativity and innovative spirit of the creators and is fast gaining popularity in today’s era.

Student-driven Learning

Student-driven learning denotes the complement or replacement of lectures with active learning guidance and learning strategies instead of rote learning. This form of learning results in higher student engagement and increases their achievement, shores up knowledge retention, and enhances their learning curve.

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