Today, most people are sweating to reduce their weight. On the other hand, some people are also victims of inferiority complex due to being thin and lean. As the increased weight reduces weight, in the same way weight reduction also reduces the confidence of a person. However, it is not easy to increase weight like weight loss. If you hard work on yourself and take regular meditation, you can increase your weight in a very short time.HEALTHY DIET FOR WEIGHT GAIN

If you’ve tried thousands of weight gain and still do not gain weight. Then believe us this article is for you. Today, we will tell you some tips to weight gain, which will help you to get weight gain.

First of all, you should know is the reason for weight loss?

  • EATING METHOD – Most people eat their food without chewing on time due to time, This is a very useless way of eating food. If you do not have the right way to eat and drink then can still lose weight.

  • HEREDITARY – Decreased weight can also be a cause of hereditary. This means that those whose parents are lean and thin may also lose weight.

  • DIABETES – Even if you have diabetes, your weight may be reduced.

  • INFECTION – If your weight is low and you do not have enough weight for a long time, you may have received a doctor without delay, you may be the victim of infection.


1- You can increase the amount of fat in your body by using more fat food.

2- Now a days there are many such medicines available in the markets, which in some cases increase your body weight. If you are thinking of of increasing your weight by using such medicines as soon as possible, then prepare for many health related issues before that. Because with these medicines you will increase the hymns quickly but by what day you will be attacked by many diseases.

Important nutrients which will be very helpful in increasing our body weight

  • PROTEIN– To increase weight, take plenty of protein rich foods, which contain maximum protein content. Due to the lack of protein, our body muscles become weak, due to which we start to appear lean and weak from the body. Green vegetables also have high protein content, so use more green leafy vegetables in your food.

  • EGG– Protein in the egg is very helpful in muscle build. To increase the weight, you should consume the maximum amount eggs.

  • Drink water– You also have the maximum amount of water in your body so that the moisture remains in your muscles. Due to lack of water, you can become victims of dehydration. Due to dehydration, there is a shortage of stemina for exercising or doing in a person.

  • DO MORE USING FAT AND CARBOHYDRATE– Food rich in fats and carbohydrates are the most useful in increasing weight. Your body weight will grow rapidly by consuming foods rich in fat and carbohydrate. Bread and grains contain high amounts of carbohydrate. Talking about fat, you can increase your weight by using potato, paneer, ghee, curd, butter.

  • EAT CHICKEN PLENTY– More protein is found in chicken. Chicken helps in muscles build and also increase weight. Therefore, you must eat chicken at least two to three times in the week.

  • CALORIES– The increase the weight, first you have to increase the amount of calories in your body. To make calories you will have to eat plenty of calories, such as Egg, Milk, Curd, Paneer, Dry Fruit, Potato, Rice eat more.

  • EAT AFTER A SHORT TIME– People eat three meals a day, but after this, if you have time, then eat little something or not. You always have a little dry fruit with you and eat then in the middle. In the  morning you have a light breakfast.

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