Have you ever thought why people Love android

The Android love: 5 good reasons

According to the latest global phone market share by OS, Android phones continue to hold on to close to 85% of the market, a trend that has sustained for a long time now. In India, their share is probably higher, when it comes to just smartphones. So what explains this grip? The reasons, as you will see are many and with a lot of weight behind them.

Here Are Top Reason:

  1. Right on top is the price of Android phones: Thanks to the ready availability of the OS, manufacturers find the android OS a godsend for a quick go to market strategy. With virtually zero fees or royalty payable to Google, (Google makes its money from App sales and mobile advertising) there is nothing as effective and cheap available for a manufacturer. Think about this. The blended price of the typical Android phone today is close to $190 odd, even as its biggest ‘competitor, the iOS system from Apple, comes encased in a bauble called the iPhone that was last breaching the $1000 barrier.
  1. Coming up next: Google’s immense experience. With well over a billion users already using top Android phones, Google’s successive updates to the Android OS has ensured that each update actually adds value, in more ways than one. Of course, balanced with the data that Google merrily collects for later use on its advertising juggernaut. 
  1. The Play store: With 3.3 million apps at last count, there is no doubt that the play store on Android is what developers make for first, unless they are Apple fans of course. So expect the latest in almost every app and new ones too, to hit the Android store first.
  1. Security: While the iOS system has a well deserved reputation for security, the fact remains that thanks to its large user base the Android OS was bound to get attacked a lot more by hackers. Considering that, you would hav to say that a good job has been done on maintaining the overall integrity of the OS over a period of time. Security patches are released much faster now, for system vulnerabilities. So at least vis a vis other systems other than iOS, the Android OS does offer some assurance.
  2. Finally, we have the fact of more options: Thanks to its wide adoption, you can take your android phone from a huge pick of manufacturers. So whatever be your favorite brand other than Apple, you will have an option when it comes to Android. So all that attractive advertising simply cannot go to waste.
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